With the assistance of exponential technological advancements, gambling has progressed well beyond cards and plastic chips. As a result, we have discovered new ways to accomplish many activities that we used to do in person, at home, such as gambling, especially since the worldwide pandemic in 2020.

While we strive to stay indoors and avoid being exposed to other people and public areas as much as possible, online gambling is one of the things that may see major growth in the number of people who use it and those who want to get started. Continue reading to learn more about the future of internet gaming.

The Online Gambling Industry

The Online Gambling Industry

When it comes to betting, the three most frequent methods are listed below. There are three types of gambling markets: land-based casinos, underground or black markets, and internet gambling. The internet gambling business was expected to be worth about 54 billion dollars in 2019. With a CAGR of 11.5 percent, it could be able to reach approximately 127 billion USD by 2027. It’s simple to see why individuals are starting to bet more frequently online. Apart from the epidemic, it is typically convenient and may even be less expensive. Traveling to land-based casino hotspots such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City might be costly when compared to simply gambling online.

The online gaming experience has also improved thanks to technological advancements. People are also more ready to participate in online activities like shopping and gambling because it is typically safe to deal online.

Top Countries With Most Casino Gamblers

Countries % Population Gamblers
Australia 39%
United Kingdom 46%
Singapore 52%
Canada 59%

Online Gambling Trends to Look Out For

When it comes to progress and innovation, gambling and technology work hand in hand; as the popularity of online gambling grows, so does the desire for an excellent user experience. Here are the most recent online gambling developments that are influencing the gaming industry’s future.

Mobile Betting

Commuting gaming is fairly accessible in today’s society for everyone of legal age. The convenience and accessibility of using a portable device for gambling have yet to be fully realized. The market for mobile gaming is expected to have progressive growth in the near future. The gambling industry needs to crack the correct schemes and tools that would enable players to have a better gaming experience while gambling on mobile.

ESports Betting

The concept of ESports betting is still not widely known or marketed. A recent survey estimated that the eSports betting industry made US$14 billion in 2020 through betting operators. These virtual games, such as CS: GO, DOTA2, and League of Legends, appear to be too wonderful to be true, yet the younger generation is all over them.

When you consider that the following of these ESports leagues isn’t as large as that of professional sports leagues, the amount of money generated through betting is monumental. The world of eSports is thrilling due to the suspense that gets built through every second of the game. There are few games that can be easily predicted. eSports includes games that are played across the world, thus building a global customer base.

Players are said to get captivated in the game once stakes are increased. Popular eSports games comprise of:

  1. League of Legends
  2. Fortnite
  3. Player Unknown Battlegrounds
  4. Dota 2
  5. Call of Duty
  6. Overwatch
  7. Rocket League
  8. Counter Strike: Global Offensive, etc.


Islots or Interactive Slots are slot machines that have been designed for online casinos. It’s fast becoming one of the most prominent types of slots, if not the most ubiquitous. Islots function similarly to traditional slot machines seen in land-based casinos. The uniqueness of Islots lies in its design, and there are different themed ISlots available. Thus, Islots are easy to understand like a traditional slot machine, but you can play video slots from the comfort of your own home.

Crypto Gambling

Crypto Gambling

Crypto gambling is just up your alley if you think ESports gambling isn’t well-known enough. Crypto gaming was created with the goal of providing crypto gamblers and enthusiasts with a simple method to play with their Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. With its extensive transaction processes, asset confiscation by banks, and overall sluggish experience, FIAT money, which is commonly utilized to bet in online casinos, may imply numerous setbacks and difficulties.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherum, and the brand new Dogecoin make the process easier by allowing for faster deposits and withdrawals and fairer chances while playing provably fair games. The public’s perception of Bitcoin as a respectable form of value has been aided by its use in online casinos.

Virtual Reality Online Casinos

Virtual reality or VR is a technological breakthrough that has impacted a large number of online markets, including the online gambling industry. VR makes any game more fascinating and captivating, thus increasing the session time of the players, leading to profit for the operator. VR and traditional gambling differ in terms of sustainability to support not only the big gamblers but also the beginners.

Virtual Reality Online Casinos

A Concluding Thought

There is no boundary to where online gambling may go, thanks to ongoing technological developments and the growing popularity of cashless transactions and cryptocurrencies. These developments have allowed casino operators to design better and unique collections of games to bet on. Overall, online casinos are striving to provide a better and more engaging experience to their users.

Online casinos had come a long way from first when it was started in 1994. it is no longer just clicking and sitting in front of the screen hoping for results to be in your favor. They now focus on being a source of entertainment. With time the continuous evolution of the online gambling industry is becoming evident.

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