The UK is known for its affinity for producing iconic TV advertisements that live within the public’s consciousness for years after their release. Despite the general landscape of television marketing constantly advancing in order to keep up with the contemporary age, there are still a number of traditional hallmarks in our broadcast marketing that periodically pop up on our TVs.

There is a delicate balance to be found when it comes to effective advertising – from instrumenting a catchy beat to illustrating a genuine storyline for the brand in question, via the characters used within their marketing. This is key when it comes to constructing a narrative that will connect with prospective consumers. To learn more, read on as we break down seven of the most successful TV advertisements in the UK.

Best TV Advertisements

1. John Lewis Christmas Ad

John Lewis Christmas Ad

At this point, the yearly John Lewis Christmas ad has become a staple of holiday programming, with its sentimental storylines that are generally accompanied by a heartfelt musical score to boot. The most recent version of this famous commercial featured a young boy teaching an alien all about the magic of Christmas. It effectively utilized well-known marketing traditions such as playing on the viewers’ emotions while establishing the brand identity of John Lewis throughout.

2. Dolmio

Another famous advertisement that has made its mark on the cultural consciousness is the popular Dolmio ad, which features the highly recognizable family of puppets that we have all come to know and love. Additionally, this advertisement utilizes a catchy tune accompanying the title screen of the product that is very easy to get stuck in your head, which is a major benefit through the lens of effective marketing.

3. Specsavers

watching tv advertisement

The newest iteration of the Specsavers ad manages to inject a little bit of humor into what is otherwise a very well-branded commercial. With the signature theme following their very famous catchphrase “should’ve gone to Specsavers…,” this iconic brand utilizes comedy and familiarity with expertise, resulting in an effective, high-quality advertisement.

4. Extra Gum

With their very topical “For When It’s Time” advertisement that hit our screens for the first in 2020, Extra Gum brought light to the COVID lockdown through sheer hilarity. Featuring a dramatic soundtrack coupled with comedic acting, the advertisement showcases the end of the lockdown, a smart choice in a theme that every viewer could relate to.

5. Go Compare

Perhaps one of the most famous TV advertisements to ever be broadcast across the UK, the Go Compare commercial is a masterclass in effective marketing. From the recognizable character design to the incessantly popular jingle used throughout, it’s hard to deny the staying power of this iconic commercial.

6. Lloyds TSB

watching tv advertisement

With stunning imagery and chilling instrumentation throughout, Lloyds TSB has made a name for itself both in the public and in the world of effective marketing with its beautifully crafted advertisements. They are a wonderful example of picking recognizable motifs and showcasing them in a familiar way to appeal to the viewer’s sense of memory and familiarity.

7. Moonpig

Moonpig have become famous for mastering the art of producing a catchy jingle, and their most recent 2022 advertisement is no exception. Featuring their signature style, the commercial follows the simple concept of a young woman looking for a valentine’s day card for her partner – but that ever-so-familiar tune coupled with the Moonpig touch elevates the effectiveness tenfold.

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