You must be aware of printing machines that produce colorful designs for t-shirts, coffee mugs, banners, glassware, and other times. Once you have the kind of print you want, the next step is to cut it according to a specific size or dimension with a cutting machine. However, there are several disadvantages, from higher energy consumption to inaccuracy. The print cut machine solves these problems by combining design printing and cutting. The best print and cut machine type is the Roland BN-20a, an updated version of the Roland BN-20. It is faster, more efficient, and boasts an intuitive interface, drag and drop features, besides other benefits. There are also tools to control quality, layout, color management settings, and advanced job management. What are other things you should know about it?

What is a Print and Cut Printer?

What is a Print and Cut Printer

As mentioned earlier, a print and cut printer is a machine that runs using inkjet technology. It starts by printing a complete color design on vinyl or any other sticker material. After the printing is completed, the machine cuts around the design to create the perfect contours. What you are required to do is peel it off the material and use it for whatever you want, from t-shirts to various other items. If you have ever purchased a similar mini-model for your kids or just stickers, you will have an idea of the entire process. Several commercial sign printers use enormous print-cut machines for their sign products on a larger scale. There are also some low-cost printer cutters that hobbyists mainly use. However, the Roland BN-20a is a commercial-grade one for business purposes.

Features of Roland BN-20 and BN-20a Print Cut Machine

Features of Roland BN-20 and BN-20a Print Cut Machine

The two primary printer cutters manufactured by the Roland Corporation are the BN-20 and the BN-20a. Both of them measure twenty inches and are highly convenient. Of these, the BN-20a is the latest version of the machine. They print with inkjet technology, just like a Direct-To-Garment or DTG printer on vinyl that is ideal for printing purposes. After that is done, it cuts those designs systematically and efficiently. You can think of it as a 20 inches version of a Cricut made for professional use. In official terms, these products are called the VersaSTUDIO BN-20 and BN-20a.

One of the best features of both the BN-20 and BN-20a printers and cutters is that they come with the VersaWorks RIP software. The company’s product comes with an elaborate manual, training, and support to help you use the product quickly and efficiently. However, there is a specific feature that the BN-20a does not have, as opposed to the BN-20 version, which is an extra color slot for white or metallic inks. There is no white or metallic ink option because neither of those colors was used a lot by Roland customers. They also increased the maintenance costs of the printers. Instead, it has a color combination of CMYK or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. The maintenance is also relatively easy, and you will receive all the results you want.

The company also had two other reasons behind coming up with the BN-20a version of the printer. One of these is a visible reduction in various support issues, which was a significant problem with white ink. Since white is an achromatic color, it does not mix well with other inks and affects its overall quality. The other reason was to reduce the cost of the printers themselves and make them more affordable to a more significant section of the population. In the process, they also increased the speed of the printers considerably. It has a high-speed unidirectional or bidirectional printing mode. What that does is increase the printing speed from 6.6 square feet an hour to 22.6 square feet an hour, an impressive feat of accomplishment when it comes to speed. The Roland BN-20a will undoubtedly be an instant hit with its customers and those in the printing and cutting business with many added features and qualities.

Items You Can Make Using a Roland BN-20a

Items You Can Make Using a Roland BN-20a

The new and improved printer/cutter Roland BN-20a can be used for a wide variety of purposes. A few of these are mentioned below.

  1.  Signs
  2. Banners
  3. T-Shirts
  4. Coasters
  5. Custom Water bottles
  6. Glassware
  7. Growth Charts
  8. Window clings
  9. Car wraps
  10. Labels
  11. Posters
  12. Decals

The information mentioned above will help you immensely before using the printing and cutting machine Roland BN-20a. Being an improved, efficient and faster version of the Roland BN-20, it promises to deliver you the highest quality of print with precise cutting measurements as per your requirements. If you haven’t tried it out yet for your business, you should.

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