It’s fair to say that music festivals aren’t exactly the healthiest of places. Drug and alcohol fuelled for starters, the toilets stink, the food is poor and the lack of sleep will leave you feeling like a zombie by day three. Yet, still, we love them.

However, not every festival has to be that way. You can enjoy a music festival by remaining completely healthy. So, how do you do it?

Tips To Enjoy Music Festivals In A Healthy Way

Try It Sober?

music festival

We’re starting bold. Many people love a beer or a cider while watching their favorite acts, but it is perfectly possible to stay sober at a festival. For those who are in recovery from alcohol addiction, it’s incredibly important too, but even if you’re not, a sober festival will allow you to take more of it in and remember all the great times.

There are plenty of ways you can stay sober these days. Alcohol isn’t the be-all and end-all of a festival. You’ll find alcohol-free camping zones, as well as plenty of great alternatives for drinks too such as smoothie bars, non-alcoholic beer options, and more.

Stay Hydrated

drinking water

Walking hand-in-hand with alcohol really is staying hydrated. Alcohol dehydrates the brain, so ensure you keep on top of things by drinking plenty of water. Even staying sober it’s important to drink. Festivals take place at the height of summer and with the sun beaming down, and a tendency to jump from one stage to the next, people can often forget to keep drinking plenty of water. Take a water bottle around with you and top it up every time you walk by a water station.

Check Out The Food Options


Don’t just head to the nearest burger van to get your food. These days there are tons of options at music festivals, many of which are healthy, nutritious, and way tastier than a cheap burger too.

At Glastonbury, for example, there are hundreds of vegan options, as well as cuisine from all around the world. You’d be mad to miss out on it, while also ensuring you’re getting a healthy, well-balanced meal.

Take The Sanitizer

Tens of thousands of people are using the same toilets, same showers, and let’s face it, it’s not particularly pleasant. Festival toilets are disgusting. They always are and there’s no getting around it. The best thing you can do is make sure you pack plenty of wet wipes and sanitizer so you can freshen up and kill any evil germs and bacteria that may be lurking on your hands following you doing your business.

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