Many retail businesses pay their premises’ energy bills without a second thought. But with many analysts predicting a UK energy price crisis in the foreseeable future, it’s a good time to reconsider this behavior.

With this in mind, we’re sharing six of our best tips for cutting down your retail shop’s energy bills.

Tips to reduce bills

reduce energy bill

1.  Conduct an energy audit

The best way to start cutting down on your energy bill is to find out where you’re losing money. You’ll have an easy-to-understand breakdown of when and where your business is losing money. And with the most expensive areas identified, you’ll be able to prioritize where you most desperately need to make changes.

For this to be as accurate as possible, it’s best to have an audit conducted by an expert. Many commercial energy suppliers offer this for free as part of their service – so, it’s worth checking with yours before enlisting the help of a third party.

2.  Turn off equipment when not in use

Leaving equipment running or even plugged in overnight can make a real difference to your energy bill. Even leaving shop appliances on standby can rack up a staggering amount of money.

3.  Reduce draught

reduce energy bill

Draughtproofing your shop can significantly cut down on the amount of heat it’s losing. To do this, you’ll need to plug up any gaps and cracks around the shop floor – including those commonly found around doorways, windows, and floorboards.

Consider investing in specialized products such as DraughtEx floorboard Gap filler, Gapseal Sash Window filler, or door catchers from RS that keep doors closed when not in use.

4.  Switch to LED lighting

Did you know that LED lights are the most energy-efficient kind available? They last far longer. And they can be used anywhere that their outdated incandescent alternatives can.

If you haven’t yet adjusted your shop’s lighting, you could be missing out on substantial savings.

5.  Consider changing energy supplier

Loyalty is a beautiful thing, yet it might mean you’re missing out on a better deal. Seeing what other providers have to offer is one of the quickest ways to cut down your energy bill.

It isn’t difficult either – in most cases, you can switch suppliers in a matter of weeks with little hassle.

reduce energy bill

6.  Use a motion sensor lighting system

After making this investment, you won’t need to worry about lights being left on anymore.

Instead of turning on when a switch is manually flicked, your shop’s lighting system will respond to the motion it detects on your shop floor – switching itself off after dormant periods.

Which of the energy saving tips above will you be implementing in your retail shop?

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