A certified public accountant is a highly desirable credential in the accounting industry. However, only a handful of accountants have this certificate in the US because a CPA license requires passing a highly competitive CPA exam.

The CPA exam is difficult and overwhelming for a lot of candidates. The exam has four sections, which candidates have to pass within 18 months. Each of the four sections of the exam focuses on a separate area of accounting and requires candidates to have a deep understanding and strong grip in that area. Many candidates find it challenging to successfully pass all four sections within 18 months and often attempt the exam again. It is noteworthy that candidates can luckily retake the exam as many times as they would like.

If you are planning to take a CPA exam, you must diligently prepare for the exam to clear it as soon as possible. Preparing for this exam will require a lot of discipline from you. Design a study schedule and strictly follow it to maintain a steady study pace. Apart from self-study, you can also take the help of online prep courses and other tools to better prepare for the exam. The Wiley CPA prep courses have a pass rate of 90%. They allow you to take live online classes anytime from anywhere and offer 1-on-1 monitoring and support. Moreover, their unique adaptive technology reviews your aptitude level and adjusts the difficulty level of questions accordingly.

In this article, we are going to discuss various tools that can help you pass the CPA exam.

1.  Artificial Intelligence Tools

Artificial Intelligence Tools

The best artificial intelligence tool for CPA preparation is surgent CPA review because it uses AI software to help students determine which topics they need to cover. Moreover, their ReadySCORE technology provides students with expected exam score predictions and helps them identify their weak study areas. Audio courses are also available to learn more in lesser time.

Surgent CPA review primarily focuses on short-term lectures allowing students to study efficiently. It also reduces the study time by providing a flexible and convenient learning experience. It is also an affordable study option, providing access to unlimited course material at a minimal cost. Overall, it is an excellent study tool available at a reasonable price.

2. CPA Exam Guy

CPA exam guy is an online tool that is essentially your CPA exam tutor. It provides you with all the necessary information regarding the CPA exam, like what sections of the exam to attempt first, the requirements to take a CPA exam, the average salary of a CPA, job prospects after passing a CPA exam, and more. Moreover, it also guides you about the registration process for the CPA exam.

It is a helpful tool that allows you to compare the various CPA review courses to help you choose the best option for yourself. Moreover, this tool also informs you about various CPA-related discounts to help you save some money. Overall, the CPA exam guy provides a comprehensive guide regarding the CPA exam.

3. CPA Review Courses

A variety of CPA review courses are available in the market. Choosing the right review course that works well with your lifestyle and study habits is crucial to your success in the CPA exam. Many candidates fail the test even after investing in a review course because they don’t choose the right course that meets their needs. Choosing the right review course will help you pass the exam easily.

Let’s discuss the various CPA review courses.

  • Wiley

Wiley is considered one of the best CPA review courses and has an excellent reputation in the accounting industry. It offers recorded video lectures to help with self-paced learning. It also offers live online lectures, which help students to have a more interactive learning experience. Becker also has a smartphone app that makes learning a fun experience for students, and anyone can learn offline.


Wiley claims a 90% pass rate, and most of the toppers of the CPA exam also prepare using this course review. It offers simulated exam practice sessions that greatly help students prepare for the actual exam. It offers different course packages allowing you to choose the most suitable one.

  • UWorld Roger CPA Review

The goal of roger CPA review is to make studying for the CPA exam more enjoyable. Recorded video and audio lectures are available for self-paced learning. Real-person support is also available via chat software to assist you with any problems.

Roger course review app recently updated several of its’ features, making it easier to navigate courses and providing more user-friendly features. It uses SmartPath technology to predict your learning needs and has a 91% pass rate. Their elite packages offer access to unlimited course material until you pass the exam. Overall, Roger CPA review has engaging lectures that help you understand a difficult topic in a fun way.

  • Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA review has the highest customer satisfaction rating of 99% and provides personal coaching and support from accounting experts. It offers task-based simulations and has a large library of questions.

Gleim CPA course review provides the best value for money. It provides a considerable amount of course material at an affordable price. Moreover, it also has a pass rate of nearly 90%, making it an ideal option for several candidates as it provides similar results at half the price compared to other courses.

The Bottom Line

Several accountants take a CPA exam each year, but only a few successfully pass it. The CPA exam is difficult and includes four sections that should be passed within 18 months. Therefore, many candidates find the exam overwhelming and challenging. Some students choose to prepare for the exam on their own, however, many online tools are available for their guidance.

Several accountants take a CPA exam

Various artificial intelligence tools, digital tutors like CPA exam guy, and CPA review courses like Wiley are available online to help you prepare for the CPA exam. These tools have high passing rates and have a high reputation in the accounting industry. Hopefully, this article will help you understand the various tools that can help you pass the CPA exam.

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