In 2022 Instagram is a platform that can be called mostly a business one, and it is clear why – it has over 500 million daily active users, nearly 1000 pictures are uploaded here every second, and the age of vast majority of its users is 25-35, which makes them a desirable solvent audience that can buy things daily. And this is exactly what people who come on this platform to advertise and sell want – this is why tons of new people are signing in Insta daily and trying to organize their business pages there.

However, the niche is already taken by tons of brands, companies and content creators who are not going to share their audiences just like that. To reach their goals, newcomers need some knowledge and help from the side – in this article you will be able to find both of those. We will talk about 5 great tools that you can use to promote your Instagram page from zero, will talk about the benefits of a chance to buy Instagram followers and set a targeted ad, will tell, why you should reach out to fellow bloggers with a certain offer and where can you seek for free likes and comments when you’re struggling at the very beginning.

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  • Join activity chats. Those are chats in Telegram and What’s App, where content creators gather and show each other support, giving validation to each other’s posts. Yes, this option is highly helpful for novices, but not that efficient when it comes to promotion of people who have already been able to gather a specific audience. You see, the subscriptions that you will be able to gain are not going to be from people who are truly interested in you and won’t stay with you forever. If you’re using this option, you should be ready for the consequences – in the future you should be able to replace those with organic subs who are going to be interested in your content and support you permanently.
  • Comment on the posts of bigger bloggers and attract their subscribers to your profile. Yes, this is possible, but for that you should a) have a “saying” and catchy main picture and username, so that people would be able to understand what you’re going on this platform straight away b) be polite and share your honest and constructional opinions c) never try to discredit a blogger under whose posts you’re commenting. Follow those three rules and you will see how the increase in your followers’ count is going to happen pretty quickly.
  • Ask for mutual PR from fellow bloggers who have the same (or a little bit bigger) number of subs. This is a thing that newcomers should definitely do more often. Many people are afraid that their offers are going to be declined and don’t reach out to people, whilst there are so many beginner Instagrammers who are seeking mutual support. So find several people who are struggling just like you do (or maybe were able to reach certain levels of success) and offer them to collaborate. This option can easily transform into the paid one, if you’d contact bigger bloggers – those have prices for posting about other people. They give their followers recommendations about certain bloggers, products, services – this is called native advertising and it works very decently.

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  • If you’re looking for better and quicker results, you can buy Instagram followers cheap before setting a targeted ad or ordering a paid PR from a blogger. Basically, this option should be taken before both previous ones either way, as you need to build a base to rely on during future promotion. The only thing is that you need to purchase only real subs, because fakes and bots can harm your profile and drown your statistics. IG algorithms see clearly when a page has too many interactions with the fakes and start perceiving it as fake too. To make sure that you’re avoiding this situation, find a company that sells exclusively real subs (if you don’t have time for research, just use a link in this paragraph – it will save you lots of time and will even help to save some money).
  • Targeted ads from Instagram are the option that should be taken on at the very end, because before it you have to make sure that your profile looks weighty and worthy. Grow your subs base, fill in your profile with posts and highlights, put all the links you need your clients to see in bio and only after that turn to target to bring you a highly-specific-permanent-supportive audience. We’d also recommend you to start gradually and slowly build up the scale of set promotion – don’t spend hundreds of dollars on that straight away, as the set ad should suit the current “size” of your page.
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