If you know about SEO for your business, you understand that you’ll likely need link-building companies at some point. These SEO agencies know all about the link-building strategies that your company’s website needs. They have the techniques ready to make your site the best in your niche or industry.

The top link-building agencies have quite a bit in common. We will talk about some of what they all share right now. You must look for these commonalities when you figure out which one you’ll hire and use to get ahead in the SERPs.

The Right Price

SEO Link Building

The right price matters with any service or company you hire. If you find an SEO agency with link-building skills that seem perfect, you might hire them, but only if they match your budget.

You probably have money in your marketing budget, and you can earmark some of it for website optimization. Link-building fits right into that, and you must keep doing it to keep your site relevant.

Just because you have the correct links now, that doesn’t mean you can let your site become stagnant. If you do, other websites in your industry can pull ahead of you.

The Right Skill Set

The agency you hire should also have the SEO skill set that you need to stay on top of the SERPs. They must know how to do your link-building so that the Google algorithm recognizes your site’s value and rewards them for it.

They must know the latest link-building strategies. Since SEO always changes, you should ask them whether they’re up to date. If they’re not, you might go with someone else. You need someone with the latest techniques in their arsenal that can use them all when improving your site with their link-building scheme.


Maybe you find an agency that seems ideal, but they have many clients they’re doing work for at the moment. Perhaps they say they can help you, but it will take several weeks or even months till they can clear their calendar.

Whether you use an agency with just one or two SEO experts or dozens, you probably need their help now, not later. If you can wait, you might do so to hire the best SEO strategists, but you probably have urgent needs.

You want your website better immediately, or others will get the clients or customers you want. If the agency you find doesn’t get to work right away, you’ll likely go with someone else. That’s just how things work in the business world.

The Proper Attitude

Generate Backlinks

You want an SEO agency with individuals you connect with or get along with easily. If you approach or contact an SEO agency about some link-building they might do for you, and they seem standoffish or even rude, you shouldn’t use them.

When you hire an agency and offer them your money, they should seem grateful. They needn’t fawn over you, but you still want their gratitude. If they act like they don’t need the work and they’re doing you a favor by taking your business, you might offer another agency the job. You want working relationships with individuals who have the right mindset.

The Latest SEO Tools

You want an agency to do your website link-building with all the latest SEO tools. They should have analytic tools that reveal the best link-building methods for better website development.

When you engage with them, you can ask about what tools you use. If you know about SEO, you’ll also probably know some of the tools that these agencies have at their disposal.

Even if you don’t know these tools very well yourself, the agency should list them for you and explain how they’ll use them. It’s like hiring an electrician or plumber and hearing them talk shop. If they sound knowledgeable, you’ll probably use them. If they seem clueless, that’s a bad sign.

Great Customer Feedback or Recommendations

You likely want an SEO agency for link-building that has some great feedback when you research them online. You can check out their website and see what their prior customers or clients said about them.

They should have some glowing endorsements. Maybe they’ll list prior companies for which they’ve worked.

See whether they’ve worked for any companies you recognize. Larger or more prominent businesses on the list mean this agency has done large jobs for high-profile clients.

You might also see whether they’re done work for other companies in your specific niche. A good SEO specialist can do link-building for any industry or website, but it’s still nice when you see they’ve worked in your particular industry before.

An Excellent Website

Website Visitors

Finally, you can peruse their website before hiring or even contacting them. With SEO agencies, you get a look at their skills when you visit their site.

You can look at the link-building scheme they employ there. Does it look like what you’d want for your own website? You should see outbound and inbound links. It should resemble what you hope your own site can achieve when the agency you hire finishes working on it.

If You See All This, Move Forward

You can check everything off the list if you do some link-building agency hunting. You should find many individuals or agencies who say they’ll do this for you, but you want one that gives you the best overall feeling.

To some degree, you must trust your instincts in this matter. You can’t know what kind of job an agency might do till you hire them, but now, you’ll understand some positive signs and also some red flags as you narrow down the list.

The one you hire should get your company’s website where you want it, and then you should see more traffic and more conversions. More individuals should buy your products or use your services. You might also get more email newsletter signups, more social media engagement, and everything else that comes from a professionally-optimized site.

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