Statistically, on average, managers spend 50% of their time in business meetings. In fact, even employees in non-managerial positions spend a significant part of their time on meetings.

Apart from that, traditional business meetings are becoming obsolete with every passing day because of digitalization. Managers, executives, and boards now prefer online meetings to save time and money. That is why meeting management tools are in high demand.

Although there are countless meeting management solutions in the market, you cannot trust every vendor. If you are searching for an effective meeting software, read the full guide to learn about the top-rated meeting management tools, including Zoom, Skype, virtual board software, etc.

Top 7 Meeting Management Softwares In 2022

1. Zoom


A premium quality meeting tool, Zoom is usually the first choice of professionals for online board meetings. Zoom hosts an array of handy features and HD video meetings to help you get your desired outcomes.

Zoom not only allows you to manage your online meetings with ease, but you can sync Google Calendar with it. Apart from that, Zoom offers co-annotation and a real-time screen sharing facility.

With Zoom, you can also record meetings, edit or share documents easily, and create public or private group chats. Most importantly, up to 1000 individuals can participate in a Zoom meeting at the same time.

2. Board Management Software

Board management software, commonly known as board portal software, is a multi-dimensional paperless meeting solution for boards, managers, and executives. A virtual boardroom not only allows you to arrange online board meetings but it helps you take care of pre-and post-meeting activities.

For instance, virtual board software helps you prepare meeting agendas with a built-in agenda builder. You can easily record meeting minutes or decisions made using customizable templates. Apart from that, a board portal can be used for audio and video conferencing and can be integrated with third-party apps.

In addition to that, you can create polls, cast votes, edit, share, and annotate documents within the boardroom. Board portals have messaging tools for private or group chats. Most importantly, you can store or archive meeting minutes, agendas, and other important documents in the boardroom. Last but not least, boardrooms are accessible on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile phones.

Some well-known virtual boardroom software includes Boardable, Diligent, BoardPro, iDeals, and Govenda.

3. Lucid Meetings

Lucid Meetings is another feature-packed online meeting management tool with all the essential features required for successful business meetings. From creating meeting agendas to recording meeting minutes to high-quality video calls, Lucid Meetings is equally beneficial for small businesses and enterprises.

Setting up audio or video conferencing on Lucid Meetings is easier than you can imagine. The best thing about this meeting management tool is you can set a very detailed meeting agenda and add the smallest details. Moreover, this tool gives you the luxury of assigning roles to every participant and avoiding overlapping situations in the meeting. Lastly, generating post-meeting reports is super easy on Lucid Meetings.

4. Cisco WebEx


WebEx is a tailor-made online meeting software for large-scale businesses or enterprises that allows you to add a large number of participants at a time. What differentiates WebEx from many other meeting tools is its HD video conferencing without any interruptions. Its UI or design may look heavy, but in reality, WebEx is a super-fast meeting software.

You can send email invites via email, phone, or SMS. WebEx also allows you to communicate privately and arrange audio calls as well. You can share and edit documents, and most importantly, you can switch devices during meetings.

5. Fuze

A simple, light, and fast online meeting management tool, Fuze is a great option for all types of businesses. Fuze allows you to share content and screen during online meetings; you can also conduct webinars.

One of the best things about Fuze is it is highly customizable. Its simple design and ease of use make it a desirable meeting management tool. The best part? It offers enterprise-level security.

6. Skype

Skype is one of the oldest meeting management software and, indeed, one of the bests in the market. Skype is still a preferred choice for businesses with remote working teams because of its affordability and handy communication tools.

Whiteboard is one of the unique features of Skype, which you can use to visualize ideas easily. You can easily give presentations on Skype and add annotations to the documents or highlight important content.

7. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams may be a new entrant in the market, but it has grown significantly. Microsoft Teams offer you shared workspaces and premium quality videoconferencing. Most importantly, enterprise-level meetings can be easily conducted on Microsoft Teams as it allows 10,000 participants at a time. What’s more interesting is that Microsoft Teams is a free tool, and that is why the business fraternity loves it.

Final Words

Remote working practices and digitalization has made it important for businesses of all sizes and types to manage their online meetings effectively. Meeting management software like Zoom, board portals, Lucid Meetings, and Microsoft Teams not only ensure smooth business meetings but make it easy for you to manage things from start to end.

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