There are over 30.2 million small businesses in the US, so it’s critical that you make yours stand out. Getting local traffic from those who can actually visit your venue is one of the best ways that you can do this.

In order to make this happen, you’ll need to invest in a top-notch local SEO strategy. Read on to learn some marketing-related local business ideas to generate more interest in your services.

1. Local Keywords

Local Keywords

One of the best local SEO ideas is to use local keywords in your blog posts, HTML, and descriptions. These keywords often include the area or city that you’re in along with something related to your website. An example of this keyword type would be “Chinese restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.’

Another local keyword strategy is to capitalize on ‘near me’ searches. Many mobile users will make queries like ‘Chinese restaurant near me’ so that they can find immediate services. Directing these users to your site leads to instant sales conversions.

2. Claim Your GMB Listing

Family Business

Google My Business is a database where small businesses claim their address and business type. You go to the site, type in the name of your business and the address, enter other relevant information, and verify your location. This is how you get your site at the top of Google when nearby consumers make ‘near me’ searches.

GMB is also helpful because it lets people get directions to your business. It automatically directs users to Google Maps. No additional assistance is necessary.

3. Encourage Online Reviews

Encourage Online Reviews

Reviews are important for making a business stand out and putting it above the competition. They link to your page and improve off-page SEO by directing inbound traffic. They also let other consumers know what you’re all about so that they trust your services above others.

Because local consumers tend to trust reviews, this is critical for drawing in a nearby audience. Additionally, people can leave reviews directly on your Google My Business page. This feedback shows up when people Google and click on your business so that they can make a more informed decision about whether to utilize your services.

4. Looking for Area-Specific SEO

Install SEO Plugins

While SEO can be challenging, professional assistance can make it easier. Experts have the knowledge and tools to make local growth possible.

This website, for example, offers top services to a local Jacksonville market. You can also purchase local SEO packages from the same provider regardless of your location- it isn’t limited to a single city. This gets you the professional assistance that you need for a top-notch SEO campaign.

Beyond Local Business Ideas and SEO

Creating an SEO campaign can be a challenge, but there are tons of local business ideas that can get your business more visibility. Now that you know some of the top local SEO tips, it’s time to get started. Head over to the ‘marketing’ tab on our home page for more ideas on how you can get the word of your local business out there.

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