So, you’ve decided to set up a new business and aren’t quite sure what to do to get it off the ground. Or perhaps you got an established company that needs a little bit of a kick to get going again. Either way, a new promotional/marketing strategy is needed. To accomplish your strategic marketing goals, you might consider doing a giveaway or offering certain promo items. How are water bottles to use for marketing? Water bottles are one of the best options for this type of marketing. They are portable, reusable, typically good for the environment, and people tend to keep them for a long time. If you customize them with your business information or logo, you can reap the rewards of promoting with them for a long time. In this article, we present four types of water bottles to use for your promotions. Check it out below.

Water Bottles Make Great Promotional Items

How are water bottles to use for marketing? When you think about free items, giveaways, and awesome swag, water bottles are probably among the best options. There are a lot of different types of water bottles available today. Sometimes, it can be downright confusing to choose one. Some people are adamant about using a certain type of bottle, while others don’t really care what they use (as long as it holds water, of course). At the end of the day, water bottles make a great promotional item because they offer a practical way for customers to stay hydrated while also advertising your brand with a customized logo on the front of the bottle. Each type of bottle has its own set of pros and cons, so  personal preference will be an obvious driving factor for which ones your customers will engage with the most.


Plastic Water Bottle

How are water bottles to use for marketing? Plastic is the most common material used for water bottles. It’s affordable, lightweight, and easy to mass produce. It’s also non-reactive so it doesn’t generally affect the flavor or smell of your drink. Sometimes, however, plastic bottles can be manufactured with   BPA, which has been linked to certain health concerns (particularly cancer and infertility). That’s why it’s vital to ensure that any plastic bottles you sell or give away are BPA free. That way you can ensure that there aren’t any health concerns related to the water bottles you use and you can make your customers happy with a nice, cost-effective gift.

Stainless Steel

Steel Water Bottle

How are water bottles to use for marketing? Stainless steel is a very popular option for beverage containers. Since it doesn’t react with drinks the same way that something like aluminum does, it’s often a safer and tasty bad. It also doesn’t absorb flavors which makes it ideal for cleaner water consumption drinks will always taste fresh coming out of a stainless steel bottle. Stainless steel bottles are also quite easy to clean with the right kind of tools. That doesn’t mean you can leave liquid in them overnight and expect freshness every time. They still need to be cleaned. But ultimately, stainless steel water bottles are a durable and safe bed for reusable drinkware. The only potential downside to them is they might be a bit more costly. Ultimately, stainless steel water bottles are a spectacular choice for water bottle promotions and can come in a variety of sizes for maximum hydration. They’re also available with different types of drinking lids, including straws and sports bottle-style openings.


Aluminum Water Bottle

How are water bottles to use for marketing? For anyone who enjoys traveling, climbing, or hiking, a durable water bottle is a godsend. Any bottle that can take a few falls and tumbles is going to prove it valuable for such treks. Aluminum water bottles are ideal for these because they can take a lot of damage before breaking. These bottles can also protect you from the sunlight, making it taste fresher longer. They’re also sort of insulated, so the temperature of your water will remain relatively constant throughout the day. That means you can enjoy sipping from it without worrying about the flavor or temperature. Finally, aluminum is lightweight and easy to clean, making it a good choice for a metal water bottle. Consider placing your logo prominently on the outside of the bottle to take advantage of potential interest in your brand from people who might be walking around using your awesome water bottles.



How are water bottles to use for marketing? If metal water bottles don’t pique your interest, you might want to consider glass. Glass bottles are usually made out of recycled glass and they’re designed to be reused. They’re perfect for reusing because they don’t leach chemicals into the drinking water like plastic bottles have the potential to do and water tends to taste a little bit cleaner and more refreshing out of the glass bottle. That’s because the science of glass bottles tells us that glass is an inert material, which makes it less susceptible to picking up the flavors of other things. As with all good things, there are a few potential downsides to glass bottles including their high breakability/fragility and somewhat higher cost compared to metal and plastic options.

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