Have you always wanted some cool attic closet ideas to do something more with the attic space available? If you are one of those that stay in a home with an enviable attic or someone struggling to find storage space in their home with nothing else but the attic to turn to, then this article is exactly the need of the hour.

This article helps you give a re-look at the space in your attic and will inspire you to make use of this available space to get more out of it.

Attics are spaces that make people want to pull their hair out. There is enough space to do a lot of things but then there are these constraints many can’t seem to break free from. The attics can be either at the top of our homes or on top of the garage. Some even call it the loft. Though attics are the last places anyone would consider to store their valuables if realized attics can be transformed into spaces that can shock some or even wow many with the intrinsic potential for storage they possess.

Coming to closets, an issue that most households struggle with is not being able to identify how to use the available space. Homes have closets but people simply can’t have enough of the space available for storing everything from knick-knacks to valuables.

Now combine the two and the results could be magical. However, when it comes to redesigning one’s attic into an attic closet, one can seriously have a dearth of good ideas. However, our experts have done their homework for you. Here will be the one-stop solution to all the attic closet ideas that can be replicated in one’s household.

One can stash everything from books to toys to clothes to even items from the workplace that need a space where they will remain undisturbed till the need arises to get them. Attic storage can be the answer to all of these needs. However, one needs to keep in mind a few things.

The following pointers will help one organize one’s thoughts before going on the journey of redesigning one’s attic into a storage haven.

For starters, one should decide the types of closets one needs to design in the attic. Attic closet ideas can include 2-story closet or closet without doors or even adjustable closet shelving. One can also decide on the kind of closet one wants. Whether it falls into the over-the-top luxurious kind or is it merely a space for one’s children to dump their favorite toys and clothes or is it the compact no-nonsense storage space that is the hallmark of all well maintained homes.

Attics in every household can be converted into:

  • An attic bedroom closet
  • An attic library
  • An attic closet for kitchen utility items
  • An attic closet for stationery items
  • An attic office closet

The list can run into endless pages and one would simply go around in circles trying to figure out the types of closets and the 2 story closets and the closets without doors and the ones with doors.

Attic Closet Ideas: Finalizing The Best

Things To Do Before Finalizing The Best From The Attic Closet Ideas Discussed

Now the best way to approach the creation of an attic closet is to finalize some splendid attic closet ideas one would love to emulate in one’s residence.

It’s of utmost importance that one identifies the available space and understands the dimensions of the space. Taking a walk through and trying to visualize how the space would be turned into a closet can actually help gain perspectives.

Attic closet ideas need to be chosen depending upon the kind of attic one has.

Is it the kind where one doesn’t have enough headspace? Is it the low ceiling one? Is it the narrow kind? Or does it have the potential for trouble from the elements? These are some of the questions that need to be topmost on one’s mind before embarking on this mission to find attic closet ideas that work for you.

Depending on how one’s attic is designed and placed, one needs to see what best can be done in terms of the following:

  • The lighting and other electricity requirements,
  • HVAC vent depending on how the closet is being planned
  • The woodwork,
  • The paint works
  • The storage cabinets and other storage spaces,
  • The kind of doors one would need both insides as well as outside the attic closet

Attics usually attract the pests and before one turns the attic space into an attic closet one needs to ideate on thwarting the pests from gaining access to one’s valuables.

Now that the basics are covered, one can move on to the various attic closet ideas that can be used to transform the unused space into a dream closet storage space.

Types Of Attic Closets

Attic Closet Ideas And Types Of Closets

Attics are usually dingy spaces with not enough lighting to make them appealing spaces to spend long hours or to use as fruitful storage areas. The most that people do is use it as a dumping ground for stuff that they don’t want anymore. Many neglect the attic and often don’t appreciate the available space, let alone brainstorm ideas to make the space productive.

But if done well, then the attic closet ideas have the potential to transform a bland and unproductive area often overlooked into one of the coziest spaces in one’s home. Even it can be used as your kid’s closet!

One of the first questions that one needs to ask is why is the attic closet being made? Attic closet ideas will depend on what the closet storage is being made for. If it is clothes, the approach will differ from the storage space being created for books. If it’s miscellaneous items or kid’s toys that need to be stored then the designs will vary.

We will divide the attic closet ideas into the following three broad categories.

  • Attic closet for books
  • Attic closet for clothes and shoes
  • Attic closet for miscellaneous items

The attic closet is basically made up of three components. The slanting roof, the floor, and the available wall space can be used for building cubicles or cabinets. The attic closet ideas will differ for those homes with an attic that can be converted into a walk-in closet and those with not enough space that it only warrants a reach-in closet. One will have to evaluate if one’s attic warrants a single-sided storage space or is there enough room to use all the walls in the attic for storage.

The key elements that one can incorporate are woodwork, floor rugs, colorful paints, innovative cupboard designs, and fantastic lighting options which can be used in different permutations and combinations to give attic closet ideas a unique twist. Another advantage that one has with an attic closet is that one can choose to go the luxurious design route or the simplistic design path. Both work well for the attic setting.

Attic Closet For Books

If the attic closet is being made for books, then there are certain essentials that need to be thought about. One can even convert a boring space under one’s roof into an attic library.

Be it a sunny morning or a rainy day or a winter evening, one’s attic closet aka attic library can turn out to be one of the best spots in the house to enjoy the seasons.

Lighting: Plan for adequate natural lighting – be it a window on the slanting roof for the sunlight to stream in and shine in all its glory or the nighttime, an accompanying moonlight playing pals with the interior light. The window will also be an adornment for one to lie down and contemplate the scheme of things being discussed in the books one devours.

Seating: An attic closet for books should be given the deserving space for seating. Be it a bean bag or a cushy bench that can allow you to stretch out your legs or even lie down with a nice book open and face down on one’s chest. One can even throw down a rug, complete with bedding or mattress, and add some pillows to make a cozy space to spend one’s free time.

Shelves and storage spaces: Since the primary purpose for the attic closet is to store books and if there is no threat of either external elements like moisture or rodents and other pests getting into the shelves, one can actually have a closet without doors. The shelves can line the entire wall above knee level and use up the space available all the way up to the roof. The books

However, if one is worried about the safety of one’s precious books then one can even put in place a sliding door that doesn’t take up a lot of space instead of having a closet without doors.

Attic Closet For Clothes And Shoes

Attic closet for clothes and shoes

For an attic closet that will act as a wardrobe for both clothes and shoes, one will need to furnish the available space with enough compartments and shelves, and storage spaces to keep one’s boxes. One will also need to provide drawers and rods for hangers.

One can go for the slanting cupboards right under the eaves which will hold enough of one’s clothes and even some shoes.

If space permits one can even convert this into a very private dressing room with additions of a dresser, a stool, and a couple of mirrors to complete the package.

If the attic has long narrow space, then one can make it storage space for shoes with the inclusion of long cabinets or storage spaces.

If one is averse to investing in furniture for the attic closet then one can even go for minimal space-consuming tropes like a rod which would hold all cloth hangers.

If one is not comfortable with others being able to see what’s inside one’s wardrobe, one can even use the paints and furnishings innovatively to hide the closet doors.

Space crunch can be quite a daunting constraint with attic closets. However, one can incorporate adjustable closet shelving. There are many options in adjustable closet shelving available for users right from adjustable storage rack separators, adjustable closet partition shelves, adjustable rack shelves. These can help achieve the necessary tidiness and beauty one prefers in one’s closet.

Always remember to keep your closet clean and fresh. Otherwise, there can be bacteria and molds in your closet. And believe me, you don’t want any of them.

Attic Closet For Miscellaneous Items

Now, this is the most challenging attic closet option. The attic closet ideas that are being described would help one declutter and achieve maximum out of the available space.

Miscellaneous items can include jewelry, toys, kitchen pots, equipment and utensils, utility items, stationery items, and even hardware tools.

Creating a storage space for diverse things might be challenging for many. One needs a proper plan and vision to arrive at the best possible attic closet ideas to help assimilate unrelated items together.

Maybe using separate walls or building different cupboards or storage racks for different items could be one way of approaching this gargantuan task.

2 Story Closet

2 Story Closet

Those homes with enough attic space, especially high roofs can even plan on creating a 2 story closet that borders on luxury. Throw in some led lighting, a stairway or a flexible ladder to access the top shelves, the result will be nothing short of magical.

One can bring in enough innovation to decorate the attic and build a design that makes one’s attic a standout such that it becomes the highlight of one’s home.

Thus, to summarize one can take out a lot of advantages from this wonderful space available upstairs. All one needs is an eye for the details and skill to be able to visualize and implement the ideas discussed herein.

Concluding with this article we would like to throw light on the fact that these attic closet ideas discussed aspire to make one’s attic an aesthetic and functional space to store.

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