At some of the busiest moments of the day, we use our bathrooms. As a result, having a well-organized bathroom by utilizing bathroom closet ideas is critical for saving time. If your home has a bathroom closet or two, consider yourself extremely fortunate.

If you see towels and other bathing necessities on the floor, it’s time to clean up your bathroom. Bathroom closet ideas can be used to organize your belongings. This storage option will make your life a lot easier and turn your bathroom into a clean, relaxing haven. Your linens and cosmetics will no longer be in a state of disarray.

Making use of bathroom closet ideas to organize might be less fun than cleaning, but the effort is worthwhile. Because let’s face it, the bathroom, more than any other area in the house, requires proper storage to remain clean and sanitary.

Furthermore, the less clutter you have, the less hectic you will feel, and the faster you will be able to get ready. What could be better than setting your bathroom storage location using tried and trusted bathroom closet ideas and having a space free of clutter? It’s nothing short of incredible.

Aesthetics and bathroom closet organization should be equally important when adopting a DIY approach to organizing your bathroom storage while utilizing proven bathroom closet ideas.

To add some color to any size bathroom closet, hang a gorgeous wallpaper on the wall. In a small bathroom or powder room, open shelving is one of the many wonderful bathroom closet ideas you can adopt.

With a little imagination, clever positioning, and the correct materials, you can quickly turn your bathroom from unkempt and cluttered to attractive and organized. Take a look at these quick and easy bathroom closet ideas for organizing we came up with.

Bathroom Closet Organization


When everything is carefully kept, you’d be surprised at how much you can fit into a small bathroom closet. You should make your bathroom linen closet organization containers unique. Glass jars, small serving trays, and little metal buckets are all lovely containers for your bathroom essentials.

Anything you’d consider “bathroom necessities” should be kept in your bathroom closet. Towels, washcloths, extra toilet paper rolls, soaps, shampoos, and lotions are all products that can be kept in the bathroom closet. By making use of the bathroom closet ideas, you can also keep your bathroom cleaning materials organized on a shelf in the closet.

Below are some steps to having an organized bathroom closet.

  1.  Take everything out of the closet.
  2.  Thoroughly clean the closet.
  3.  Get rid of everything you don’t need.
  4.  Assemble like-items into groups.
  5.  Make sure you have plenty of what you require.
  6.  Assemble and plan.
  7.  Labeling.

Step 1: Take Everything Out Of The Closet

The first phase in following ideal bathroom closet ideas is arranging all items to clear out the area you’re working with. This means you’ll need to commence by emptying your bathroom closet of all things.

Step 2. Thoroughly Clean The Closet

Next, thoroughly clean your empty bathroom closet. Simple cleaning wipes or an all-purpose cleanser applied with a rag can be used.

A fresh and clean linen closet is well-organized. To achieve this, carefully follow through with the best bathroom closet ideas. Replace any old shelf liner paper with new material while you have it all out of your closet and clean down all of the surfaces. An affordable and simple method to make the closet feel more put together is to use a nice, vibrant pattern on all of the shelves.

You could also take measurements of the closet at this time. It’s ideal to measure when it’s empty and clean because you’ll ultimately be looking for baskets or bins to put in here.

Step 3: Get Rid Of Everything You Don’t Need

After you have prepared your closet, look through your belongings and get rid of anything you won’t need. Because you might wish to retain everything, this might be the time-consuming part.

It is important to purge and discard objects that are no longer required. It takes time to sort through everything and make sure you’re not retaining anything needlessly.

The remaining portion of this stage entails relocating objects that do not belong in the closet to the proper locations. After you’ve cleaned, sort each item into categories and heaps. This will assist you in determining the sort of storage required for this kind of organization.

Step 4: Assemble Similar Items Into Groups

It is time to gather similar items into groups after setting them aside. Once done, dispose of those items that you do not require. Begin by considering the many categories of things in your closet.

You can categorize them into the following groups:

  • First Aid
  • Small and Large Toiletries
  • Medicine
  • Appliances (diffuser, hair-cutter, humidifier, etc.)
  • Towel
  • Toilet Paper

It’s ideal if the closets are totally functional, allowing you to locate exactly what you want in a short amount of time. As a result, you may require a variety of baskets and bins, such as Like-it Bricks and Water Hyacinth Baskets.

It makes it easier to ensure you capture all the items you need. It also adds a decorative flair and brings functionality to the space.

It makes it easier to guarantee that all of your item requirements are met. It also provides an aesthetic element to the room while also providing practicality.

Step 5: Make Sure You Have Plenty Of What You Require

Do not hesitate to refill any products you’re running low on now that you have determined what categories of items you’ll be storing in this closet. In cases of accidents, you ought to have all the first aid supplies on hand, as well as all the large and small toiletries, in case your guests require them. ​

Step 6: Assemble And Plan

After you’ve formed and stocked the groups, it’s time to build up a bathroom closet organization system! This can be accomplished by determining how much “stuff” is in each category and purchasing bins or baskets that maximize both the space in your wardrobe and the space required to keep similar items.

To determine the amount of basket or container you’ll require for each area, map out your entire closet with its dimensions.

Step 7: Labeling

It’s sometimes tough to recall where you moved everything when you’re organizing. Ensure everything is labeled to avoid this. It is really beneficial in terms of locating items. With the things that belong in each stack, color code or label the shelves within the bathroom closet. You should make your own labels with colored paper and tape or use a label maker.

That’s all there is to follow the best bathroom closet ideas for a unique and well-arranged closet! You could have a beautiful bathroom closet that holds just about everything and makes locating items simple with just a few simple steps.

These are the seven simple bathroom closet ideas for organizing and decluttering your bathroom closet.

Bathroom Closet Shelves

Bathroom Closet Shelves

There are many different styles of bathroom closet shelves one can choose from. A bathroom shelf has a dual purpose: it enables storage space while also serving as an aesthetic item.

To get the most out of this, place the shelves in a location where it is easy to reach them and also where they will not go over your heads. Remember to use the area between the floor and the bottom of the bathroom closet loaded with shelves when organizing it.

Most bathroom closet shelves are ideal for storing paper towels, toilet plungers, and various cleaning supplies. One of the several best bathroom closet ideas when it comes to cleaning is to have all the cleaning products nicely organized; this will make it much simpler to find the drive to clean.

Using baskets or bins to take full advantage of tall shelves is a terrific method to keep all items organized. Get a big basket that has a full depth, place small bins within to ensure your items are separate. This is something you can do with both your first-aid and medicine containers!

It’s crucial to have flexible shelving in the bathroom closet. Consider what is best for products you will be stored rather than just leaving the shelf at the height it came in. This can have a major impact on the bathroom closet’s capacity and efficiency.

If altering the height of your shelf isn’t a possibility, establish more effective spacing with plastic shelving inserts or wires and dividers.

How To Organize Bathroom Closet

If you desire to know how to organize bathroom closet, you should make use of deep baskets with smaller bins inside, as they are ideal for organizing bathroom closet. Because it can be readily pulled out to retrieve objects placed all the way at the back, a basket is ideal for optimizing the full depth. Small bins on the inside could help to keep groups of similar goods segregated.

Downsizing is the key to organizing bathroom toiletries. Don’t hoard too much stuff. Only buy what you’ll actually utilize, even at this, only retain just a few back-stock products.

To arrange bathroom toiletries, place larger items on the shelf (such as body soaps, cotton swabs, and tissues) and store smaller items (such as cotton balls and toothpaste) in a basket. With this, you already know how to organize bathroom closet.

Bathroom Closet Doors

Bathroom Closet Doors

It may seem strange to discuss a doorless bathroom closet concept because the word “closet” normally refers to a closed-door storage facility. In other circumstances, though, a linen closet with no doors is a good option.

Here are a few of the most popular contemporary bathroom closet doors.

Sliding Closet Barn Door

Barn doors may add a beautiful and romantic touch to your bathroom. Classic bathroom closet doors are a popular interior design concept, and they’re frequently employed as distinctive bathroom and kitchen doors.

Because they do not swing open outwardly, barn-style closet doors are perfect for optimizing floor space.

Since the word “closet” generally indicates a closed-door storage area, it may seem odd to mention a doorless bathroom storage idea. However, in some cases, a doorless linen closet is a good idea.

Barn-Style Closet Doors

Barn doors can give your bathroom a charming and romantic look. These traditional closet doors have become a hot trend in interior design and are commonly used as unique kitchen and bathroom doors.

Barn-style closet doors are ideal for maximizing floor space because they do not swing open outwards.

Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold doors are a great option if you’re in search of a space-saving closet door. They are made up of panels that are hinged together and mounted on tracks. A handle will be on one of the panels, allowing you to move others down the track.

These bifold doors are collapsible and tuck away nicely on the sides rather than swinging open outwardly, saving you significant space. These lovely closet doors are ideal for bathrooms that have restricted floor space. Bifold doors are adaptable and can be used to create modern or classic closet door designs.

Sliding Closet Door Ideas

With new and imaginative sliding closet door ideas, you can give your bathroom closet a facelift. One of the numerous advantages of sliding doors is that they don’t require floor space at the front of the closet because their panels move in front or behind one another.

They can be converted to pocket doors that slide open and disappear into the wall if there’s enough wall space.

How To Choose The Right Closet Doors

How To Choose The Right Closet Doors

Think About The Size And Arrangement Of Your Room

Ensure that there are no conflicts with other current access doors. The closet door should not impede any access points, be it an interior door leading into and out of the bedroom or a bathroom door.

Make Sure It Goes With The Rest Of Your Decor

The importance of consistency in the creation of a harmonious design cannot be overstated. Assess the other design components in the bathroom when choosing a material, closet door type, panel layout, texture, or color.

Get Custom-Made Closet Door

When you’re trying to achieve a specific style or have to adhere to specific space constraints, shopping for closet doors might be difficult. Getting them custom-made is the best technique for getting them properly the first time.

Reflect Your Style!

The way you construct your linen closet or bathroom closet should reflect your unique style. If your own tastes tend toward a minimalist or modern style, don’t utilize wicker baskets as a storage solution.

Even if you don’t see why it counts because it’s hidden behind a closet door, you’ll see these bins daily. You really should make them appealing to the eye as well as useful. In a large bathroom, built-in closets that look like standalone wardrobes with cabinet drawers and doors are appealing.

Basic linen closets, on the other hand, can be well-designed on the inside, with lovely, labeled baskets filled with amenities and neatly placed rows of linen.

If you want to make the most of the area in the bathroom, you should think about the type of storage you require. Whenever it comes to proper storage options for your closet while making use of bathroom closet ideas, every bit counts, and most of the time, the best way to accomplish this is to use multipurpose designs that enhance usefulness while conserving space.

Looking for some bathroom ideas on a budget? Check out our blog now! You’ll find tons of useful home decor and remodeling ideas there.

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