Personalization and personalized home decor are essential to make your home look beautiful and add flexibility. For instance, if you like to read by the fireplace in the winter, you’d want to make a bookshelf near the fireplace or keep your books near the fireplace on a coffee table or a shelf. This is known as personalized home decor.

Similarly, you’ll like to make any such changes to your house that will complement your style and taste. Ideally, your house should reflect your choices in design, finishing, furnishing, and décor.

For personalized home décor, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow.

Customizing Living Spaces

Customizing Living Spaces

Set Up A Cozy Reading Spot

If you don’t already have a cozy reading space in your house, you can set up a reading spot where you like to read. If you have a few shelves in your living room or bedroom, use them.

If there are no shelves, you can consider personalized home decor. Install one or two wooden shelves to put your books and décor on. You can also add some picture frames, a small plant, or anything you like. Also, place a stool, a comfy chair, or floor cushions where you can sit and read.

Fill An Empty Fireplace

If you have some vacant space, such as a fireplace that is lying empty, show some love to it by adding some art pieces. You can add art, small sculptures, and even books to the fireplace to customize the space. It can turn your small fireplace into a mini art gallery or book reading spot.

Don’t Forget The Entryway

Entryways are one of the most neglected rooms in the house. You can get a small console table to put your stuff on as you get into the house or to display your art pieces. Hang a picture above the console table and place your favorite ornaments. Think of flexibility and customization. If you come home with lots of keys, add a key holder to the wall.

Modern Living Rooms

When it comes to personalized living rooms, most people prefer modern and chic minimalist home décor. If your rooms are cluttered and you have huge dressers and old furniture pieces lying in your bedroom and around the house, it’s time to wave them goodbye.

Reupholstering your furniture can freshen up your space and make it look modern. Swap old furniture pieces with modern, minimalistic, and less colorful furniture pieces. And if you have a man cave in your house, be selective and minimal when choosing furniture for your man cave.

Add some interesting décor such as an angular mirror, vivid orange art, a marble fireplace, a rustic stool, and geometric pottery. Unexpected colors such as blush pink sofas and metallic art pieces can make the living room pop.

Home Gym Décor

Even if you have a small gym space, it is important to personalize the space by adding some nice home gym decor. Install a rack for your dumbbells, sports equipment, and a yoga mat. Frame a motivational quote and hang it on the wall. Bring in a plant to liven up the space, and set up the audio station to enhance your workouts with music.

Rearrange Furniture

If your room’s furniture is lying close to the walls and there is space empty in the middle, bring the furniture together. Rearranging furniture at an angle can add dimension to the room.

Personalized home décor means everything in your house is designed according to your taste and comfort. So, bring the furniture together for a cozy feel and to comfortably reach items lying around.

For instance, you should be able to reach your coffee table top from your couch without having to get up, and if you were to give something to someone sitting on the chair beside you. If you can’t reach them, you need to rearrange the furniture or pull everything closer.

You can also design your kid’s closet according to the size and shape of your room. It will give you more space and freedom to move around the house.

Home Bar Decor

Home bar décor is not only for huge houses with extravagant bars but you can also consider it as personalized home décor.

If you have a spot where you like to keep your drinks collection, design, and spruce up the space. You can add some art on the wall, place a modern trolley or table, and there you have it, your small home bar décor.

A home bar decor adds a lot of character to a space.

Visual Changes

Say Yes To Black Paint

Soft black wall paint can add life to the room. So, stop being afraid of the dark color especially if you haven’t ever applied gray or black paint to the walls. Black and other dark colors in the room create a cozy and homey vibe. If you are afraid of adding black or dark gray to the walls, you can use a home décor app, take a picture of your room, and color the walls gray in your mobile app to get an idea of how the room would look. Apply different colors to the wall to find the right color.

Treat Windows

Windows are an important part of your house, and how the windows are decorated impacts the overall feel of the room. Use fun and patterned curtains if you have used solid-colored bed sheets, furniture, and rugs. However, if there are too many patterns in the room already, go with a solid-colored curtain. If you like some texture, you can use light self-print, textured fabric, or velvet curtains.

Restyle Your Breakfast Nook

Personalized home décor is all about adding design and comfort. If you like to eat your breakfast by the window that has a nice view or have coffee by the fireplace, you can redesign these spots to add life to them. You can add a rustic or country touch to the place, especially if you want it to look cozy. Or declutter the space and put a table and chair with a small plant on it to keep it minimalistic. Choose minimalist home decor such as modern furniture for a neat and minimalistic vibe.

Add More Color

Colorful home décor is essential to add life to your home. If all of your furniture were white, off-white, gray, or dull, your space would feel very dry and tasteless.

Set a focal point in your room by adding one, two, or three vibrant colorful home decor items. You can add colorful rugs, cushions, or curtains to add some color.

Swap Accents Seasonally

Swap Accents Seasonally

As the seasons change, we begin to think of space differently. In the summer, we admire spaciousness and light colors, with fewer or no rugs, and thin curtains that let air in. However, in winter, we want to stay warm and admire a cozy look. Hence, add rugs, thick curtains, more cushions to the couch, and a throw.

Give your house a seasonal makeover to swap accents. More texture in the winter adds more warmth and dimension to the space. Seagrass, jute, and velvet are great materials to consider.

Tidy Up

For some spaces, tidying up can change the feel of the space. If you have excessive clutter below the couch, besides your bed, on the tables, or dresser, just tidy up the space. The first rule of minimalistic home décor is to keep as little stuff as possible. Check which items you haven’t used in a year, box them up, and donate them. The rule goes for clothing, products, art pieces, and furniture.

Install small hooks for your coats and hats on the wall close to the entrance. Prevent those dreaded clothing pileups with clothing stands for your bags, scarves, and coats.

Color Block The Accent Wall

Instead of painting the wall with one solid color, use the wall paint tape to make a triangular pattern or block, then paint them in a bold color or opt for two or more neutral shades. For instance, if you want to hang a shelf above your bed for art pieces, frames, and books, color the block in a fun pattern where the shelf would go. You can create an understated yet unique statement with gray or yellow paint.

Paint The Walls

If you haven’t painted the house in a while, maybe it’s time to apply a fresh coat of paint to it. You can DIY paint with the right tools and have fun along the way. Get help from a family member or your partner to paint the space. It can be hectic, but you’ll definitely love the final result.


Wallpapers are easy to install and are perfect for personalized home décor on a budget. You can order one from Amazon and stick it to your wall with minimal effort. It can make a big difference, as an accent wall has a very powerful effect on the room’s vibe. Even a simple and neutral wallpaper can make a big difference in your room.

Add Layering

If you want an eclectic home design, it is important to be fearless. Personalized home décor begins with you adding layers of prints, colors, patterns, and shades that add your visual interest to the space.

Match Or Contrast

For some spaces, matching everything may not be the best idea. Although matching the colors provides a consistent and fine look to space, too much matchy-matchy can be chaotic. Contrast colors can add a lively touch to the room. For instance, if you want to add a bold purple, contrast it with sea green and see how the space comes to life. Sometimes, introducing contrast to a boring room is all the personalized home décor advice you need.

Adding Accessories Or Items

Adding Accessories or Items


Pillows can add a lovely touch of personalized home décor to any boring space. Whether it’s your bedroom that feels very bland or the living room, just add some colorful pillows and they’ll add life to the space. Choose a color that compliments that room’s style. For example, if your room’s bed set is gray or white and a picture on the wall beside the bed has royal blue and shades of yellow, add yellow and royal blue pillows or cushions and see how the vibe of your room shifts.

Lamps Everywhere

Whether it’s your reading stand, nightstand, or living room, lamps can change the feel of your room. The light from the lamp is cozy and dull, which sets the mood for a movie night, a lazy day in bed, and catching up with an old friend by the fireplace. You can get a small table lamp or a floor lamp as you like. Choose a stylish and handsome lamp that you can also move to another room later. And use yellow bulbs in winter for a cozy atmosphere.

Put A Stool By The Bath

If your bathroom looks boring, bring a stool into your bath. You can choose a modern or rustic stool of your choice according to your bathroom’s theme. The stool will also add extra space for soaps and bathing products that will also make the space feel luxe.

Hang Art In The Powder Room

Your guests will visit the powder room, so hanging art in the powder room is a great way to impress them. We often have art pieces lying in the attic that we can’t hang anywhere else, but we often forget the powder room. Add some art pieces to your powder room to show that your small powder room packs a lot of punch.

Bed Canopies

You might feel that a canopy would look odd in your room, but canopies are great style pieces. It can make your bedroom look cozy and is a must for girly-décor. If you want to keep it neutral, go with a white, gray, or beige mosquito net, or a canopy bed. If you want it to look girly and cute, you can choose a shade of pink, yellow, purple, or burgundy.

Install New Lighting

Install New Lighting

New lighting or more lights and mirrors can brighten up your space. Bright spaces look more beautiful and spacious. Choose modern light fixtures and lamps that complement your taste.

Brass pendant lights above the dining table, in your dressing room, or in your kitchen can brighten the space and add a modern look. Personalized home décor is all about your taste and choice, so find out which room needs more light and add lights accordingly.

Get A Throw Blanket

This is for the neutral couches that look tasteless after a while of lying in your living room. If you have a charcoal or bold-colored couch, you should think about getting a bold-patterned throw blanket. If the couch is light gray, white, or beige, any bold color of your choice that doesn’t interfere with the vibe of your room will be good.

By now, you must have some personalized home decor ideas that you want to implement around your home. Different types of decor can add personality to your living spaces such as home bar decor, home gym decor, minimalist home decor, and colorful home decor. See what works well with your room and what requires changing before sticking to any of the personalized home decor ideas.

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