Understanding how to attract new customers is a science. By following the paths of those who’ve been successful before you, you’ll quickly expand your brand’s visibility and reputation. Promotional marketing campaigns are a widely used tool for achieving this brand-boosting effect (especially for small businesses). If you want to nail these efforts, however, you need to invest in the right type of promotional gift to build your campaign around. Here are eight of the more unique, and valuable, promotional gifts you can use to attract new customers to your business in 2022:

1. Tote Bags

Gifts to Attract New Customers

Tote bags are one of the more fashionable and convenient ways to carry your stuff around in 2022. Because tote bags are incredibly affordable, they have become a key part of many successful, modern promotional marketing campaigns. If you can get a few customers to fall in love with the tote bag you’ve gifted to them, they will help you expand your brand in a fast and furious fashion, after all.

2. Hoodies

While t-shirts and hats are both more traditionally seen as the go-to wearable promotional item, higher-class companies are now opting to give out free promotional hoodies. Especially as the winter months approach us, the gift of a free hoodie becomes valuable. By giving your customer base the gift of warmth, you’ll create a positive emotional connection between them and your brand. The value of creating this connection is hard to overstate, so do not sleep on how amazing hoodies can be for promotional campaign efforts.

3. Gloves

Speaking of winter months, a solid pair of gloves can keep you comfortable and safe during chilly weather. By emblazoning free gloves with your brand, you can create a positive emotional connection between your brand and your target customers. After all, if you save them from frostbite or a cold car ride, they will be endlessly thankful and more likely to engage with your company’s offerings.

4. Bag Toss Games

Do you love to play cornhole? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know that mini-sized, portable versions of this popular bag toss game are available. Similar to tote bags, you can get a ton of bag toss games for cheap if you buy in bulk. By emblazoning your logo onto these bag toss games, you’ll easily attract people to your brand, as they’ll think of your company every time that they remember how much fun they had playing bag toss. Ask customers to post their games on social media for an extra boost to your brand’s visibility!

Unique Promotional Gifts

5. Coffee Mugs

A quality coffee mug is hard to beat. Given how easily poor-quality coffee mugs can break, many people are always excited to receive a quality mug (especially when that mug is completely free). Coffee mugs are also perfect for branding due to their simple, round designs. You can put a ton of information onto them with ease, including your brand, contact information, and even a call-to-action that’s meant to inspire customers to further interact with your company’s products and services.

6. Bumper Stickers

While not as useful as many of the other promotional products that are used in typical campaigns, a cleverly designed bumper sticker can be great for boosting your brand’s visibility in 2022. If you can think of a clever, instantly memorable slogan or joke to add to the custom decals alongside your logo, thousands of drivers will suddenly think about your brand. At least a few of them will then likely reach out to your company about the products and services that it offers.

7. Socks

Who doesn’t love a pair of quality, warm, and well-knitted socks? If you’re willing to lay down a bit more cash, you can invest in bulk orders of branded, warmth-providing socks for your target customers. Be sure to consider what style, color, and length of socks are popular with your audience before pulling the trigger on this option, however. Doing so will ensure you’re getting the most bang for your advertising buck.

8. Koozies


If you want to impress party-happy customers, you need to give out koozies with your logo on them. Consider holding a free get-together for people in your community, and then ensure they leave with a branded koozie. After all, if you can achieve this dynamite marketing plan, you’ll create a loyal army of party-friendly customers who will be happy to support your company later on down the line. Small business owners can use this git in an especially valuable fashion!

Expand Your Brand Now

With these eight unique promotional gift ideas, you’ll have no problem expanding your brand’s reach ASAP. Just be sure to do the proper amount of brainstorming and research before making a final decision on what gift you’ll be using to create brand-new customers for your business in 2022.

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