Do you want to learn a little secret about selecting appealing wall décor ideas? It might be difficult to come up with creative ways to decorate a blank wall, especially if you want to go beyond the usual gallery wall. When we decorate our homes these days, we consider not only their aesthetic value but also how fashionable they appear.

Yet, some decorations are exquisite and suitable for any occasion. However, sometimes we wish to add something unique that will make our home stand out. Decorating with wicker is a terrific way to give your home an elegant look. It will also add texture to your walls and a touch of boho-chic to your home.

They’re simple to hang and difficult to goof up. As a result, even the most unskilled home decorator might find wicker wall décor to be a fantastic wall art alternative. So, from the living room to the workplace to the bedroom, wicker wall décor may be a terrific way to fill up any barren wall.

If you want to take your interior decor game to the next level, this article is just what you need. In this post, I have included plenty of wicker wall decor ideas as well as touched on some rattan wall decor, preppy room decor concepts, and aesthetic room ideas for small rooms.

What is Wicker?

What is Wicker

How many of you have asked whether the names “wicker” and “rattan” are interchangeable or distinct? This has always baffled me, so let’s start with the definition before getting into the details.

Wicker is a process of weaving; it’s not material. This weaving can be done with any natural, plant-based material, including willow, rattan, reed, and bamboo, but synthetic fibers are now being used as well. The weaving technique, the materials utilized, and the items made – all of these are now referred to as wicker. Wicker is both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for objects that will be moved frequently, such as porch and patio furniture.

Now that we have the basics right, it’s not so perplexing, is it? Let’s begin with how wicker can be used in the home.

Unique & Elegant Wicker Wall Decor Ideas

Unique & Elegant Wicker Wall Decor Ideas

In any home decor landscape, Wicker is one of the preferred materials to work with. Wicker is a staple in the home decor industry as It gives a vintage vibe. In this piece, I have experimented with several methods of decorating using wicker. As wicker can be used to make a variety of items, you can utilize a variety of products to decorate your walls. As a result, you have a variety of options to choose from. Let’s start with the most trendy.

1. A Combination Of Woven Wicker Plates And Mats

Woven wicker plates and mats would be a great way to dress up your walls. This wicker wall décor can give your home a unique look. By organizing them into a gorgeous wall display, a big collection of woven plates and mats can be employed as overcrowding, which can be hard to achieve with leather.

You can use various textures, sizes, patterns, and colors of wicker plates and mats to add vibrancy. This combination will be extremely appealing because of the variety of wicker plates and mats.

2. Wicker Wall Decor With Wicker Paneled Wardrobes

Why not do wall panels if you are thinking about paneling wardrobes? You can construct wall wardrobes by utilizing a wicker panel. The appearance of a wicker panel is really attractive. Using a panel wardrobe, you can not only adorn your wall, but it will also give you space for storing your outfits and other items.

This wicker paneled closet gives your wall a trendy and one-of-a-kind look.

3. Wall Paneling

Ever wondered how your entire wall would look if you use a wicker panel to decorate it? A wicker panel, like a wicker panel wardrobe, can be used to cover an entire wall or a portion of a wall. This pattern can be implemented in a living room area or in a corridor. You can decorate it with various types of wicker wall baskets, wicker plates, mats, or mirrors above it to give it an appealing touch.

4. Create A Nook

With wicker, you can create a charming book nook that will set your wall apart from the others. A wicker chair next to the reading nook’s wall can be used to relax. To make everything appear neat and welcoming, woven baskets and trays can be strategically placed around the chair. If you want to add some extra personal touch to this arrangement, simply add a plant to give it a natural feel. These can also be aesthetic room ideas for small rooms.

5. Hang Wicker Wall Baskets

These charming hanging wicker wall baskets are an excellent way to add texture to any space. This idea of wicker wall decor with a basket can be implemented in any small space, including the bathroom. It also serves as a wonderful landing for any extra knickknacks you may want to keep in the bathroom or bedroom.

6. Wicker Wall Shelves

Turning functional furniture into wall art is a great concept to use wicker shelves as wicker wall decor. The size of the shelf must be determined by the size and placement of the wall. The shelf, for example, can be round, square, or have a rack design. According to the wall placement, you can use the shelves and fill them with a range of showpieces or indoor plants.

For example, to make your bathroom stand out, utilize little shelves to display your bathroom accessories. Place a plant on the shelf to liven things up.

7. Wicker Wall Mirror

Mirrors make any room ever so vibrant. Wicker woven mirrors are eye-catching accent items. They come in a variety of lovely shapes and sizes. You can breathe life into the most mundane corners of your house with this mirror wicker wall decor. A wicker mirror can be used as a basin mirror or to beautify your home’s entrance.

8. Wicker Photo Frame

A wicker photo frame is a fantastic way to display your favorite memories on your wall.

Create a memory wall by using one large frame or many small frames. The photo frame can be placed anywhere, from the living area to the bedroom. So, don’t ignore this idea.

9. Wicker Canvas

You can also use wicker canvas to add elegance to your wall. A giant landscape canvas, a grand wall-sized mural, or a statement item will add an eye-catching aspect to any space when it comes to interior design. This wicker wall decor idea has the power to transform the atmosphere of not just one room, but your entire home.

10. Decorate Staircase

If you have a blank wall next to your staircase and are looking for a solution to freshen it up, then you can decorate it with colorful wicker wall baskets, plates, and mirrors. As a result, the staircase will look lovely and appealing.

Rattan Wall Decor

Rattan Wall Decor

When I defined wicker, I already mentioned that rattan is a material and that rattan, reed, or cane can all be used in the weaving of wicker. Rattan, like wicker, can be used to build many forms of furniture, such as wardrobes, shelves, chairs, baskets, plates, and mats, among other things.

So, all of the wicker wall decor ideas that I mentioned above can be implemented as rattan wall decor ideas. Since wicker is processed from rattan, they are similar.

Preppy Room Decor

So far, we’ve only discussed wicker wall décor. Let’s look at some additional room decorating ideas because we do need to decorate teenage rooms from time to time. Why not go for preppy décor if you want something different with a splash of color? Because one of the most fun aspects of getting into college is decorating your dorm room. However, it can also be the most stressful part of moving in. You’re preppy aka your dorm room will most likely be filled with stripes, florals, patterns, and a lot of Lily.

Let’s get some preppy room decor ideas.

1. Make Use Of A Variety Of Colors And Patterns To Create A One-Of-A-Kind Look

The combination of pastel colors and darker shades create a wonderfully attractive preppy dorm appearance. For lighter tones, utilize wall art and toss some pillows. You can cover the bed with a lovely dark-colored blanket. Consider how lovely this preppy mix will be.

2. Keeping Things Organized

It is essential that you keep everything orderly in your room and around your workstation. So, you can decorate a room’s corner with smaller pieces of wall art and desk decor.

3. Preppy Wall Collage Kit

A dull and calmed wall might be enchanted with some preppy wall collage kits. Preppy aesthetic wall collage kits are available in a variety of patterns and shapes. This wall collage kit may be used in a variety of ways, and you get to choose whether you want to hang them on the wall, frame them, or place them on the wall! Your prints will look lovely regardless of which method you use. An Aesthetic photo set is an elegant and attractive addition to any room’s decor.

4. The Blue And Green Theme

These colors go together so beautifully and look even better when your bedding is coordinated. Preppy wall décor in blue and green can be used to decorate one part of the space. The addition of items such as a green light and a blue throw blanket completes the appearance.

5. Wall Art With A Simple Monogram

If you enjoy modest wall art, adding a simple monogram to your wall will give you a feisty and preppy vibe. Aside from that, if you have the option, you can add some colorful wicker wall decor, such as plates or table mats.

Aesthetic Room Ideas For Small Rooms

Aesthetic Room Ideas for Small Rooms

From eye-catching bed layouts to unexpected color choices, there’s a lot to enjoy about beautiful room designs. It may appear difficult to put together the artistic fairy string lights, hanging vines, neon signs, and fuzzy rug decorations, but it’s not as difficult as you may think! So, these techniques may be used to create magnificent designs in any little space!

Let’s get some aesthetic room ideas for small rooms to make them look stunning.

1. Fairy String Lights

This is a wonderful idea for an aesthetic room. You can use just one strand or combine several strands to create a wonderful bohemian bedroom where you can rest and relax. The fairy string light is stunning in and of itself.

2. Hanging Up Plants

Hanging plants are another wonderful option. You can hang plants from the ceiling and windows of your room. This construction will give you a natural vibe, and you can utilize colorful bed sheets on the bed to give it a pleasant appearance. In addition, if you lay a grass carpet on the floor, you will feel as if you are in the garden.

3. Canopy Bed

To try the cottage come to style, hang a canopy over the bed, which can be decked out with plants, and draw the attention towards the ceiling.

4. Weave In A Swing Chair

What about swing chairs? Have you thought about how it would look in your room or reading area? Swing chairs aren’t exclusive to the outdoors. Consider hanging one near the bed to complement your room’s laid-back mood and provide a cozy reading space.

5. Consider A Faux Brick Wall

The next best option is to use imitation brick wallpaper to create an accent wall. This design will completely transform your space. Additionally, you can use a photo gallery on the other side of the faux brick wall. Use string lights to highlight your favorite gallery wall.


So, how did the concepts come about? I think they are amazing if I say so myself. Keep in mind that whatever decoration you select must compliment your personality, because home is a reflection of one’s mind. Wicker wall décor comes in a variety of styles and colors. This post only goes to show that with a little imagination and know-how, you can use almost anything. I hope you’ve gained some inspiration for some unique wicker wall décor along with how to create a pleasing aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Wicker Or Rattan: Which Is Better?

Rattan furniture outperforms wicker furniture in terms of adaptability and durability. Rattan has a sturdy core and comes in a variety of natural colors. Wicker furniture, on the other hand, can either be robust or weak. It largely depends on the wicker furniture’s construction material.

2. Can Rattan Bamboo Be Wickered?

Rattan is a liana, which means it’s a woody vine with flexible stems. It has the appearance of bamboo, however, it is solid in the middle, whereas bamboo is hollow. Rattan, like wood, may be painted or stained, making it a popular choice for furniture and other household items.

3. Is It Safe To Leave Wicker Outside?

It’s fine to use your wicker outside on your deck, but putting it there indefinitely, exposed to the weather, is not a smart idea. Natural wicker isn’t meant to be used outside, and no amount of “water-proofing” spray-on will keep it safe from the sun, dampness, mold, mildew, or corrosion.

4. Is It Possible To Wash Wicker?

1/4 cup liquid dish soap and two cups of warm water make an effective all-purpose cleaning solution for outdoor wicker furniture. Wipe the wicker with a soft cloth or sponge, then use a garden hose to rinse away the soapy suds. After that, make sure to rinse and dry well with plain water.

5. How Can You Refurbish Old Wicker Furniture?

Place the furniture in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside on a sunny day with a breeze. Allow for thorough drying of the wicker, which should take about 48 hours. Starting at the top and working your way down, wet a clean cloth with furniture polish and gently rub the substance into the wicker.

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