Minimalistic looks have become trendy all across the globe, however, it’s been taken to a whole different level in developed countries like the United States. People have started taking abodes in tiny homes to save on mortgage payments, excessive utility bills, and annual maintenance fees. This has worked well for many who have taken heaps of loans and can not afford to take more loans to construct or purchase traditional homes. However, it is not just portable homes but any custom portable buildings. This has given a rise to the keyword “portable buildings for sale near me” as many look towards owning their home without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money.

Here we will look at key features to look out for when searching portable buildings, some of the reasons why people start searching for portable buildings for sale near me, some benefits of these accommodations, and more.

Portable buildings for sale near me – Key features to look out for

Before we get into why people search for portable buildings for sale near me or portable storage buildings for sale, let’s look at how one should do a portable building or a premier portable buildings review when searching for portable buildings for sale near me.

Quality of the portable building

Quality of the portable building

Many people want to save as much money as possible and in doing so they end up compromising on the quality of the portable building they wish to buy. This can be a really bad decision as your home is supposed to last you long and if you end up getting one that is not in a good condition or has been made from cheap wood, you might face longevity issues. This in the long run can affect your financials and your lifestyle badly.

Think about it. If you invest in a portable building that you think will last you 20 years but instead due to its low quality only lasts 10 years, you’re in a worse position than when you started. This is because now you may either have to invest in another portable building or pay the hefty maintenance charges that do not guarantee another 10 years or more.

When searching for portable buildings for sale near me, you need to do your research and find a company that builds these types of buildings using the same process as those builders that make traditional homes.

Check out the paint

As this guide is not specifically aimed at homes, those looking to search for storage buildings for sale near me need to look out for the quality of the paint. Not just storage buildings but any portable buildings for sale near me. The exterior of a building faces an open environment where there is excessive wear and tear. If the paint is not of high quality and not designed for exterior use, it will wear off faster and therefore leaving you to spend more money on paint later on.

Type of flooring

Before you finalize your search on portable buildings for sale near me or portable storage buildings near me, you need to know that flooring and type of flooring is a key feature that you should look out for.

If it is portable storage buildings for sale, you need to understand that these storage buildings go through a rough use and need to have flooring that will withstand the weight of items moved into this type of building. Portable classrooms for sale should have a sturdy base and a nice finished flooring that does not attract too much dust. This is because classrooms have a lot of children going in and out and a wood floor might attract a lot of dust requiring cleaning after every class.

If you’re looking for used portable buildings for sale near me, check the floorings of these units. Used portable buildings have more wear and tear than brand new ones and hence you need to see how well these floorings are. If they are too worn out, that would be an added expense on you.

Ramps or small steps

Before you search and purchase portable buildings for sale near me, look for the type of access to the front entrance. You might come across different types of access when searching for portable buildings near me for sale. These can be in the form of ramps or small steps. For example, portable storage buildings for sale have ramps as people need to get in and out while carrying heavy objects. For this purpose, a lightweight ramp that can easily be attached and removed is the best way forward.

Your search for portable buildings for sale near me might have you come across portable buildings with small steps. These are great if you’re looking to convert the building into a classroom, a tiny home, an office space, or others. Ramp in these situations is not ideal and does not give a good look as compared to small steps.

Anti-warping doors

Warping is a huge issue and you need to look out for them when searching for portable buildings for sale near me. Doors that warp make it difficult for it to close which can be a huge inconvenience. To fix this, you either need to get your hands dirty with a bit of DIY or hire a carpenter, or in worse situations, may even have to replace the door. Warping doors are an invitation to thieves and burglars to come and steal anything of value inside the portable building.

Door handles

These might feel insignificant when you think about it but door handles will give you an idea of whether or not the rest of the building is built properly. A high-quality solid heavy door handle is an indicator that good materials have been used in creating the portable building.

So now that you know some key features to look out for when searching for portable buildings for sale near me, let’s look at what you can do with portable buildings.

Portable buildings for sale near me – Uses of portable buildings

Portable buildings for sale near me - Uses of portable buildings

There are many different purposes a portable building is used for. You might even be surprised at how innovative some countries have become in the use of portable buildings. It is not necessary that a portable building is only used as tiny homes so let’s look at some of the uses.

Tiny homes

As mentioned at the start, minimalistic designs and trends have given to the rise in consumers opting to live in tiny homes. These are not only cheaper than traditional homes but also help save money in the long run with reduced utility bills and maintenance costs. Tiny homes have become a trend for the new generation who have already been burdened with heavy loans.


Sheds are found in many people’s backyards where they store garden equipment, tools, and more. These are portable buildings that have been made to look like small sheds. A shed is a great way to store all useful items if you run out of space in your home. Sheds are insulated and can withstand different weather conditions ensuring that your items remain safe within.


Not many people were aware or had the idea of converting portable buildings or using them for garages. Homes usually come with garages and hence the thought never occurred. However, at times the built-in garages can become insufficient and therefore an additional garage is required giving rise to the use of garages for portable buildings. If you want to build an additional garage, grab these garage shed plans.

Studios or office space

Many people have started using portable buildings as their offices. This is a great way of saving costs on office space as commercial units are considerably more expensive than residential. If you build a small studio or office space in your backyard, you can easily save thousands of dollars on rent.

Rent to own or purchase directly – Which one is better?

Rent to own is a program that is provided by vendors to buyers of portable buildings. This is a financial plan that breaks down the cost of portable buildings across several years. People are required to pay rent for the portable building every month.

Portable buildings rent to own is a great way to own a property by simply paying small installments. Those people that have pending expenses or financial constraints can opt for the rent-to-own program and at the end of the program, they become owners of the portable building. The payment can last anywhere between 18 months to 48 months, however, depending on the vendor you might even get a plan for more than 48 months.

Rent to own is a great way to avoid down payments that need to be made if you were to buy portable buildings without any payment plans. Unlike traditional homes where you undergo a series of checks, portable buildings that are based on rent to own model do not require any credit checks making it a convenient option for many buyers.

While on the other hand, buying a portable building directly without any payment plan is an overall cheaper alternative to rent to own. You become owners of the property from the very first day unlike with the rent-to-own model where you might face evictions if you do not abide by the rent-to-own contract.

To help you decide which option is better for you, first you need to search for portable buildings prices near me. This will help you understand whether or not you have enough savings to buy a portable building or you would need to go for a rent-to-own model.

Before you search for rent to own portable buildings near me, you should know that this option is not always available with every vendor. Do your research to find out which vendor offers rent to own or the option to purchase portable buildings directly.

Custom built or pre-built portable buildings – Which one is better?

Custom built or pre-built portable buildings - Which one is better

Before you start searching for portable buildings near me for sale, you should know that there is an option for custom-built portable buildings. There are many advantages of each over one another.

Custom-built portable buildings have more flexibility in terms of design. You can choose from many different available options from roofing to flooring and everything in between. This is a great option for those who want to configure or have a portable building according to their design preferences. With pre-built portable buildings, you can only get what is available without the option to make any design changes to it.

With pre-built portable buildings, all the materials are delivered to your doorstep and you are required to hire contractors to build the building for you or you can do it yourself as a DIY project. However, custom-built homes are built and brought to the site in one piece essentially minimizing the installation that is required. This makes it convenient for buyers as they do not need to go through the hassle of assembling the building and therefore save considerable time in doing so.

Cost of portable buildings

Searching for portable buildings prices near me, you will realize that the prices might vary according to the size of the portable building, the materials used, the design of the portable building, and the quality of it too. The location also matters as it adds to the transportation costs of raw materials.

You can find portable buildings from $800 for small-sized to $8,000 for a large-sized portable building. However, these rates will fluctuate depending on the region and build quality of the portable building. For example, used portable buildings for sale in Texas can cost you around $3,300 for a 10 by 12 inch 2019 shed.

While on the other hand, portable cabins for sale in Texas will run you a bit higher depending on the size and the condition of the cabins. Portable cabins for sale in Texas can start from $5,000 however, you might be able to find cheaper rates for these types of cabins.

If you’re low on cash, can’t afford to buy a portable building, and are looking to search for small portable buildings for sale near me, consider going for a rent-to-own model where you can expect to pay as low as $85 per month.

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