Exchanging cards during the holiday season or on special occasions has become a ritual for many. Whether you send simple Christmas cards to your family and friends or just a birthday card for your best friend to let them know you care, cards have become one of the easiest ways to express yourself.

The same is true for companies—large companies design annual holiday cards for their employees to make them feel special and valued. Holding the card your boss just gave you in your hands can feel rewarding. However, what matters the most is the content of the card.

If you’re running a company and want to do something special for your employees and customers, this article is just for you. Let’s review tips on what to include in your company’s annual holiday card.

Tips For Your Company’s Annual Holiday Card

Although many designs and ideas online will guide you on what to include in your annual holiday card, below are some tips and ideas you should remember when making yearly holiday cards.

Never Compromise On Quality

holiday cards

Your customers will surely be impressed with what kind of card you send them. Hence, it would help if you never compromised on quality. It is because the sense of touch greatly influences what you think.

If the card’s material feels nice and soft, the user will indeed feel happy about it and keep it; otherwise, it would be lying in the bin.

Personalized Greetings

It might be difficult for you if you are a multinational or a big company; however, you can try to address the cards by the name of your customers or employees printed on them.

Personalized greetings and thanksgiving have their worth and warmth. For some of your high-priority customers, you can also include the name of their spouses or children. In addition, you can add or mention a thank you note for your customer for the purchase they made last time.

Simple And Decent Messages

Annual Holiday Card

As you launch an end-of-year company holiday card, your card should express the holiday zeal in it. The card should also reflect the culture and aura of your company.

If your company is not a corporate company, you can surely add a fun element or pop of color to your annual card to make it more attractive.

Enveloping Your Cards

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Envelopes are an essential element of card giving. Don’t send your cards raw and rough without an envelope.

During the mail, your card can lose its intact form just because it was not correctly enveloped. You can also aim for customized envelopes that involve a melted stamp technique to give your cards a more aesthetic appearance.

The Perfect Time

Last but not least, your card should arrive at the correct time, whether you are launching it or sending it to your customers. Your cards should not reach the sender after Christmas or the holiday season just because of the mail delays.

Sending cards is one of the best ways to show love, care, and affection. Hence, you should make the best use of this time to express your gratitude toward your employees and your customers.

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