When it comes to project management, a plethora of frameworks is being used in the present-day world. And amongst them, two of the most common project management frameworks are PRINCE2 and PMBOK. But between these two which one is better – PRINCE2 or PMBOK?

PRINCE2 stands for Projects In Controlled Environments, whereas PMBOK stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge. The prior framework is developed by Axelos, a consortium and community of project management in the UK. And the latter is established and overseen by the foremost project management organization in the USA – Project Management Institute (PMI).

Both frameworks efficiently encapsulate the best practices of project management. Nevertheless, each offers a typically structured approach to project management for businesses, right from the beginning till the end.

Now that you are here, this article will give you informative insights into the differences between PRINCE2 vs. PMP. But before we head over to find out the differences, we will individually look into the project management frameworks. Please stay tuned until the end to learn more about the PRINCE2 or PMBOK.

Let’s begin.

What is PRINCE2?

What is PRINCE2

Often described as prescriptive, this project management framework specifies which aspects are to be done on a project. The core strength of PRINCE2 is to ensure that a robust business prospect drives critical choices. Besides, it helps to emphasize the control and structure of senior management rather than just the project manager.

On the other hand, PRINCE2 paves the way for a unified approach toward project management. Thus, plenty of government and international organizations have embraced the framework. It has gained remarkable popularity for its simplicity and has made learning easy even with less expertise.

What is PMBOK?

This project management framework is often described as descriptive, where the processes, methodologies, and knowledge domains are specified. Furthermore, the inputs and outputs are also defined, but their application needs to be specified. As the PMI regulates it, the best practices and advancements are regularly updated with the same.

Please note that PMBOK deliberately restricts project managers from making project decisions. Thus, it becomes a challenge to delegate all management responsibilities to senior executives. The project manager might become the conflict resolver and the principal decision-maker, as per PMBOK.



Even though PRINCE2 and PMBOK are two distinctive project management frameworks, there are significant differences. Here, in this section, we have enlisted some of the key differences between PRINCE2 and PMBOK:

  • While PRINCE2 efficiently outlines the different roles of project management, PMBOK emphasizes the role of a project manager. Please note that the prior framework deliberately extends the project management control process to the new levels of responsibility.
  • PRINCE2 is an immensely popular methodology for project management, whereas PMBOK is regarded as an industry standard. Nevertheless, both frameworks help outline the principles and procedures for successfully completing the projects.
  • PRINCE2 doesn’t explain the domains of project management clearly, but it surely does for explaining the various positions of the project management team. On the other hand, PMBOK comprises plenty of useful tools that describe project management steps in detail. It also gives deeper insights into both the inputs and outputs of processes.
  • Please note that PMBOK is known for covering an enormous set of knowledge areas in detail. Thus, it is popularly known as a comprehensive guide for project management. But PRINCE2 is less extensive than the PMBOK. Nevertheless, it typically emphasizes the need to develop a strong business case. Only then can it make important project decisions.
  • Certain users of the PRINCE2 framework believe that it overlooks the significance of soft skills, which is otherwise the priority of project managers. But PMBOK greatly emphasizes soft skills apart from the management skills of technical projects.
  • While the processes of PRINCE2 are straightforward and easy to implement, the processes for PMBOK can be a little complicated.

There is no clear answer to whether PRINCE2 or PMBOK is a better framework for project management. On top of that, the question is contradictory as it’s impossible to conduct a comparative study on both. And comparing a methodology that comes with a standard is beyond impossible.

As both frameworks share the same standards, they are believed to be the two sides of the same coin. Thus, in the end, it’s not possible to acquire anything apart from a mutual synergy.

Benefits of obtaining a PRINCE2 Certification

If you are a project manager, you can opt for PRINCE2 training and boost your confidence in project management. As it is a prerequisite for various project management job roles, you can acquire certification. To have a deeper insight into the course of PRINCE2, check out this embedded YouTube video offered by Simplilearn:

Scope of acquiring a PMP Certification

When you acquire a PMP certification, you can seamlessly become a better mentor when it comes to project management. Besides, this certification can also elevate your learning skills to a great extent.

Meanwhile, you can take the best ideas from people working on various other projects. As it’s a plus point, you can efficiently upgrade your knowledge and understanding.

PRINCE2 or PMBOK: To conclude


When it comes to PMBOK, it is best used for guiding all the processes, procedures, approaches, and tools of project management in an organization. Whereas PRINCE2, it is best used for guiding processes and project management decision-making. Thus, we can state that PMBOK is immensely complex and detailed, but PRINCE2 is elemental and simple.

However, for the certification, you must choose between PMBOK and PRINCE2 as per your job prospects and working region. But a project management professional would benefit from the knowledge and skills offered by both certifications. Hopefully, now you understand the term PRINCE2 or PMBOK and which one is the best.

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