When we think of traveling today, it is more of a transaction than a journey. Our ancestors had to make a considerable effort to reach further distances and unknown lands. Today, airplane tickets get cheaper, are re-bookable, and times get shorter between journeys.

For centuries, the United States has been a dream for many, and we advise you to consider visiting the state of Texas. But why do more and more people prefer Texas every day? Whether it is to start a new life, seek refuge, expand a business, or visit the fascinating sites that this vast country has to offer, it is nowadays more reachable than ever. Of course, some requirements will always exist for any trips you wish to make abroad. Fortunately, technology also gives us the benefit of dealing with our paperwork without the need to leave our seats.

Reasons to People Prefer Texas Every Day

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Despite the misconception that Texas resembles a movie of the wild West, as soon as you arrive, you will realize that it is very modern and filled with opportunities. It is precisely this that attracts people from around the world to visit, with more than half a million people coming in Texas every day to stay and start a new life. It is the second-largest state in the US after Alaska in size. Additionally, it has a population of 29.1 million, making it the second most populated state in the US after California.


In the historical aspect, it’s important to remember that Texas was a part of Mexico at some point in its history. Between 1835 and 1836, they fought and won the Texas revolution, declaring it an independent nation. Still, it was in 1845 that Texas joined the United States.

At its beginnings, farming, cotton, and ranching dominated the Texan economy. After the arrival of railroads in 1870, the development of new cities around the state became evident. However,  the Texas oil boom came in 1901, and drove the state’s economy for a big part of the 20th century.

Today, Texas leads in diverse industries like petrochemicals, agriculture, and aerospace energy, among others. To this day, if Texas were a sovereign state, it would be the ninth-largest economy in the world because it has a GSP of USD 1.9 trillion, larger than the GDPs of many countries like Spain, Brazil, Russia, or South Korea.

Did you know that 10.6% of the electricity consumed in the United States comes from wind turbines in Texas? That’s right. It has more windmills than any other state in the country. It’s no wonder HP, Apple, Toyota, Oracle, Tesla, and many others have moved their headquarters there.

Some Texan cities, like Houston, the fifth-largest port in the US, are the epicenter for the country’s gas, oil, and energy industry. This is the largest city in Texas and the fourth most populous city in the US, with 2.3 million. It is the center of the banking and healthcare tech industry and even space research facilities, with NASA Johnson Space Center, where astronauts train and space flights are launched.

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The endless concrete superhighways, hectic traffic in Houston, and the fact that it is the only major US city without zoning laws, so you will need a car because they started light rail service in 2004. Another fun fact about the city is that the weather is so warm that you barely see people in the streets. This isn’t because people don’t get out of their homes; it is just because the entire city is interconnected with underground tunnels, filled with commerce and access to different city spots without being exposed to the harsh weather.

It’s no wonder that thousands of people arrive in Texas every day hoping to stay. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Texas because this is just a starter to what you can find and enjoy in this beautiful state.

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