The capital of Germany, Berlin, is known for its rich history, diverse architecture and thriving cultural scenes. The city is also known for its academic excellence in different fields and has produced 43 Nobel laureates across various disciplines. Berlin is also known for its warm hospitality, presence of world-class universities, and the strong international community.

These features make Berlin a top study destination in Germany and the rest of Europe. Let us delve into other aspects of the city that would make you want to study in Berlin.

Benefits Of Studying In Berlin

1. Berlin Can Provide An Amazing Student Life Experience

Berlin can provide an amazing student life experience

Most international students in Berlin rate their study experience in the city as adventurous, exciting, and vibrant. Owing to different facilities available for foreign students, the city is always teeming with young people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.

Studying in Berlin can expose you to a rich diversity of cultures and allow you to expand your horizons.

2. Berlin Is Home To Some Of The Best Universities And Schools

Berlin has more than five major public universities and over 20 private universities that are known for their excellent standards of education. This gives you an option to choose from some of the best colleges in Germany which can boost your future career prospects.

3. Berlin Is An Affordable City For International Students

Berlin is an affordable city for international students

Berlin is also known for its affordability and cheaper standards of living as compared to other European cities. This makes the city an attractive study destination for students looking to study on limited financial means.

A FairFX study rated Germany as the second cheapest European country to live in. Berlin, being the German capital, offers a high quality of life to its international students at affordable prices.

4. Other Miscellaneous Advantages

Other miscellaneous advantages

Apart from these benefits, Berlin also offers a host of other advantages mentioned below:

  • A rich diversity of academic programs: Owing to the multitude of universities in Berlin, you can choose from a wide variety of courses in different subjects and specialties, allowing you the flexibility to choose a program that fits your budget and preferences.
  • Availability of student-oriented scholarships: The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD provides a host of scholarship options to help meritorious students fund their education in the city. You can also be eligible for other specific scholarships if you decide to live in Berlin after your graduation.
  • Greater acceptance of gap years: Universities in Berlin are accepting of the concept of gap years or study breaks to pursue other alternatives. Therefore, the city can be a good academic hotspot for professionals wanting to go back to school.
  • Immense career options after your graduation: Berlin is a renowned commercial center and start-up hub that is filled with many global companies. Thus, you can explore many interesting career options after completing your course in the city.

Invest in a good industry-oriented academic program from a reputed Berlin university today to enrich your career prospects in Germany.

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