GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The conveyance and widespread distribution of information and news in English has been transient in the Lake Geneva region. With confirmation from trusted sources, interesting knowledge has surfaced that BBC will continue to work with the Geneva English-language radio station – WRS to provide their audience with BBC World service programming. The new schedule of BBC world service program is yet to be announced by the WRS as supplied by shortwave.

Shortwave is often used by audio broadcasting devices such as DAB and Internet radio to livestream radio programmes.

BBC released a statement in which they confirmed signing an agreement to broadcast  BBC World Service English programming with the channel World Radio Switzerland (WRS) in Geneva and Lausanne on DAB while also streaming on the WRS website.

They commented that DAB is an up and coming platform that may not be accessible to all potential listeners, regardless there are many alternatives to tune in for BBC World Service English content viz.

New on the radar to join as a new information service provider is the newcomer- Le News.

Le News is a print newspaper that aims to be a supplier covering the Geneva to Montreux region. They plan to operate with a simple strategy that includes the distribution of newspapers for free with a small subscription fee, similar to the online content provider and now obsolete Swisster.

The newspaper will be released weekly starting at the end of October. The editor – Edward Giradet, is a specialist on Afghanistan who has covered multiple stories for several media over the years including but not limited to the Time Magazine Europe.

The future of Le News looks bright as they currently work on their website designed to be a money generator with a shift in the main focus of their business, instead of news.

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