While the majority of people say they’ve never been fired before, 18% say they’ve had this happen once. Regardless of your own experiences, it’s always good to be prepared for a potential firing, especially if you’ve never had it happen before.

Getting fired from a job comes with a whirlwind of emotions; you might feel shocked, angry, and/or sad. So it’s important to learn what your rights are. That way, you can handle a firing effectively!

Below, we’ll discuss what your rights are after getting fired from your job.

Make Clear the Reason for Your Termination

Make Clear the Reason for Your Termination

Most jobs in the US are at-will jobs. This means your employer can fire you for any reason, and at any time.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re given carte blanche. There are several things that can make your firing illegal. They include:

  • Retaliation for you taking action protected by the law
  • Firing you for performing public duties (such as jury duty)
  • Firing you based on discrimination (such as your race, age, or sex)

If you feel you’ve been terminated unlawfully, then it’s important to take legal action. This can be difficult to do on your own, so we highly recommend getting assistance from a lawyer, such as one from Sweet Lawyers.

These experts can assess your situation, gather all the necessary data, and get you fair compensation in court for wrongful termination. It can also lead to disciplinary actions against your employer.

Get Your Final Paycheck

Get Your Final Paycheck

There are different laws in each state regarding your final paycheck. In most cases, your employer needs to issue your final paycheck within a few days of your termination. For instance, in California, they must pay you immediately.

Many employers count on you not to know your rights, especially if they’ve given you a wrongful dismissal. So be assertive about receiving your final paycheck!

Get Your Severance Package

Employers aren’t required by law to offer severance packages. However, you should check the fine print and speak with HR to find out if yours does.

If so, then you should receive a lump sum, as well as things like additional payments and health insurance.

Find Out About Continued Health Insurance Coverage

Speaking of health insurance, you’re protected under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1986. You and your family have the right to continued healthcare coverage for a certain amount of time after firing if your employer has over 20 employees.

Receive Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits are there to tide you over as you search for a new job. So take advantage of them!

While the money you receive won’t be as much as your regular paycheck, it’ll still be a great help since you can receive benefits for 26 weeks. In some cases, you can get another 20 weeks if needed.

Fired From Your Job? Take Action Today

Fired From Your Job

If you’ve been fired from your job, it’s important to take action. This is especially true if your employer let you go in an unlawful way.

In any case, it can be disheartening to lose a job you love. But by being proactive and knowing what to do after you’ve been fired, you’ll be well on your way to employment again. And who knows, you just might find a much better job!

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