Solar Impulse flies on: sets world records

André Borschberg gives a thumbs-up after news that he's set new world records in Solar Impulse

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – André Borschberg continues to fly to Hawaii while the rest of us wonder how anyone can stay awake enough to fly a plane for five days straight. But this much is clear: he has been given a boost by knowing that he is setting new world records. Solar Impulse, the plane he […]

Swiss news roundup: terrorism, refugees, vertical racing, park murder

Croze vertical race (photo, Shirley Curran)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Top of the regional news is the ghastly terrorist attack in Lyons, possibly linked to others today on a crowded beach in Tunisia and at a mosque in Kuwait. Refugee funding gap – serious and immediate consequences Le Temps reports that UNHCR, the refugee agency based in Geneva, is moving another 100 […]

Expats who live abroad vs those who never leave home

Beijing buildings traffic_080615

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / EDITOR’S NOTEPAD – Journalists beware: the annual Mercer rankings for expensive cities came out Wednesday, but this year the arrival of Chinese and other Asian cities underlines the serious mistake of giving the figures credence, for readers at large. The numbers are meaningless, unless you have a fat corporation behind you when […]

Quirky twist to Feb ’14 vote: Geneva has more immigrants

How many are immigrants?

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Canton Geneva’s sudden population growth in 2014 is probably not what backers of the right-wing UDC-sponsored vote to cap immigration had in mind in February 2014. Figures released by the canton 16 June show that Geneva now has 482,545 inhabitants, up 1.8% compared to a nationwide increase of 1.2%. This is the […]

FIFA investigation: 53 suspect accounts, long investigation

Michel Lauber, Swiss public prosecutor, charged with the FIFA investigation

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Fifa football federation investigation by the Swiss government is likely to be long and complicated, says the federal prosecutor who is heading it. The investigation into the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup football games has to date interviewed 10 people and could well include Sepp Blatter, president who […]

Swiss reliance on oil heating too high

Flag snapping in the breeze at this old farmouse in the village centre; 30 years ago there were still cows living here

WWF says Swiss are worst in class, Germany follows BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland must cut its reliance on oil heating, with the highest rate of use in Europe says conservation group WWF Switzerland. Oil heating is the dirtiest of our heating options, according to the group, 10 times worse than heat pumps, for example. Some […]

Customs agents slice into fake Swiss knives, pans sales

Photo de la destruction 3

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Swiss customs agents put on a crushing show for media Tuesday morning in Thonex: 2,700 fake Swiss knives and 550 fake Swiss cooking pans were flattened and destroyed under heavy tractor treads. The poor quality goods, nearly a ton of them, were confiscated during a series of border checks in recent months. […]

Interpol freezes Fifa programme funds

Source: Interpol

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Interpol has announced it is freezing funds from Fifa, effectively suspending its partnership with the group, under which the football federation has been funding an education programme. In one of the more surprising announcements related to the ongoing Fifa football scandal, Interpol’s executive body said 12 June made it clear that investigating […]

HSBC, Geneva settle over past money laundering

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – HSBC in Geneva will pay the canton CHF40 million and the canton is closing its investigation of past wrongdoing linked to money laundering, Geneva’s public prosecutor said Thursday. The canton began investigating the bank 18 February after authorities from other countries, France in particular, linked the bank more strongly to “aggravated money […]

News roundup: tennis, parcels, accidents, dogs

St Bernard puppies feeding time Martigny_190414

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A roundup of news headlines. Ed. note: I’m in Beijing for a week, obliged to keep news updates to a minimum while I observe, from the inside, the launch of a hot new product from a startup. Tennis: solid Wawrinka defeats Federer Roger Federer was not on form, and Stan Wawrinka was. […]